pay-per-mile car insurance - Graham567

I do approx 5500 miles a year and using the calculator,the insurance would be £170 more than i pay now.So a bit of a gimmick i think..

pay-per-mile car insurance - RT

I do approx 5500 miles a year and using the calculator,the insurance would be £170 more than i pay now.So a bit of a gimmick i think..

At 12,000 miles a year it comes back as £648 for my Group 40 car, I only pay £358.

pay-per-mile car insurance - John F

And the 600 or so miles a year I do in the TR7 costs almost twice what my classic car insurance does. Can I buy shares in this company?!

pay-per-mile car insurance - gordonbennet

£408 estimate, i paid £235ish for the Landcruiser this year.

pay-per-mile car insurance - gordonbennet

fully comp? i'll have some of that please.

Several reasons, fairly decent postcode, i'm getting on a bit, and if i can help it i never make a claim, not even for glass, plus there was a time when being a lorry driver wasn't good news insurance wise but that seems to be changing.

Course there will come a point when age starts to count the wrong way, not looking forward to that, had enough of it when i was younger.

For screens if you avoid the heavy advertisers and speak to a local motor trade screen fitter you would be amazed how cheap a new screen can be, insurers say screen claims don't affect NCD but that doesn't mean it doesn't go against you by raising the premium before NCD.

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pay-per-mile car insurance - focussed

This system is quite usual in France. We insure our various vehicles for a certain distance in the insured period. If we don't do the distance, we get a refund-If we do more we pay extra.

A couple of years ago we were insuring with a wily old freelance broker who really knew the system. He told us to take out a really expensive policy for a distance that we were never going to do, but repaid a huge rebate if we didn't cover that distance. So at the end of the year we were 30-40% cheaper than a cheap policy after the rebate.

But, we were happy - and he was happy as he got his commission on the basis of the expensive policy.

Sadly he retired! And we can't get our current broker to repeat the performance!

pay-per-mile car insurance - Smileyman

no thanks, the concept of measuring journey distance as a basis on which to charge brings dread, next they will look at the journey time and start raising the mileage rate for those who arrive too soon ... back door working as an alternative to roadside speed cameras

pay-per-mile car insurance - focussed

No we don't have any of that with our French insurance - when we go to the office for the yearly bargaining session, I just read the odometer, write it on a postit note, go in, borrow his calculator and convert the miles to km and he accepts it, and nobody ever checks up apart from the french mot every two years which usually manages to type in miles as km!

pay-per-mile car insurance - daveyjp

The website looks like a data harvesting exercise to me.

pay-per-mile car insurance - RafflesNH

£274 estimate versus £351 currently. I am currently 221st on the waiting list! ;-)

pay-per-mile car insurance - SteVee

There's some element of this in some policies anyway - most insurers want an estimate of your annual mileage and adjust the premiums accordingly


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