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I just bought an approved used from through a PCP scheme. The vehicles age is almost 1 year, May 2016 is the registration date. After 3 days since I bought the car a small chip and crack appeared on my windscreen. I did 2 investigations, one at BMW and one with Autoglass and it seems that the windscreen had the chip and it was previously repaired. Now it has 2 cracks around the chip, which appeared after I bought the car, like I said, after 3 days. The guys from BMW and Autoglass said that the windscreen cannot be repaired anymore and it has to be replaced.

In this case who pays for the replacement? Dealer says I should do it on my insurance. I think he should pay for the replacement. Are there any legal arguments that he should pay?

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I had a chip repaired by Autoglass I was told if the repair "failed" then they would replace the windscreen FOC......maybe in your case as "you" didnt have the repair done that offer is not transferable?
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Tell the dealer that, as the screen had been previously repaired, and the repair has failed, you view the fault as 'present or developing' at the time of sale. As such, you wish to reject the car under the Consumer Rights Act.

Once you've done this, pull out the the letter stating the same thing, and a pen, and ask them if they want you to sign it, or if they want to change their minds about replacing the screen.

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Its clearly an existing fault which the dealer has the responsibility to fix. If when you visit your dealer they persist with their refusal, write a letter, recorded delivery to the dealer Principle, rejecting the car as it was supplied with an existing fault. (And a copy letter to the Finance Company)

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Cough up the £75 excess, move on with no stress. Life's too short!!

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I'd say it's obviously a fault present at purchase.

Previous repair not up to snuff. Water and frost together found the weakness.

Dealer to sort out with proper OEM screen.

Whether it's worth the hassle compared with a modest excess on insurance is another question.

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Not worth the hassle. It'll be a battle to get the dealer to do it plus you could damage any future post warranty goodwill all for the sake of a small excess payment.

I've seen customers returning to look at buying cars later on after an incident like this (though not specifically) and our gaffers would instruct us to offer well below book on trade ins to get rid of them. No problem if you've no intention of dealing with them again but the goodwill issue can cost you money.

When it's being fitted make sure you watch as it is very commonplace for heavy handed glazing fitters to damage paintwork around the screen allowing moisture to penetrate and cause rot. Retain any documentation and receipts in case you have to pull them up for such damage in the future.

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