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A friend’s car is over ten years old. His car has been written off as it needs two new n/s doors after someone drove out of a side road without stopping. The other driver, and his insurance company, have accepted liability. The offer appears to reflect the condition and mileage of the car and includes the use of a hire car for one wee3k. However after getting the car looked at by a local body shop he has decided that keeping and repairing the car with s/h parts was more sensible. However the insurance company have come back with what appears a high’ish price which also does not include a hire car – the two costs together (he would need the use of another car whilst his is being repaired) being about 50% of the first offer. So how is salvage costed in this situation? Or is it that the insurance company want him to scrap the car?

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It's far easier for the insurance company if they pay him out for the car, and then see lit on to a repairer/dismantler. Basically, they are trying to 'nudge' him in that direction.

He is, of course, entirely able to make a counter-offer.

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An almost identical incident happened to me at lunchtime on Christmas Eve - not the most convenient time to get anything done. My car is approaching 9 years old, and although still drivable I reckoned the damage would be somewhere near write-off. Other driver immediately admitted blame and passed it to their insurers.

I sent them photos of the damage and as soon as the local bodyshop reopened after New Year (ironically just where the crash happened) a full-cost estimate. The insurers confirmed that they intended to write off and offered £3500, about the cost of buying a similar vehicle. I said the car was worth repairing, and the offer became 65% of that, which I thought was a fair offer, and close to the estimate. Car has just gone in to be fixed - I hope it hasn't suffered any more damage than a cat-D listing ....

I can't fault the response from the insurers, which was prompt and efficient. Aviva, by the way.

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