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Let’s face it; luxury car buyers in India are not overtly price sensitive. They recognise and are willing to pay a premium forBrand value as well. Brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz[RADSING1] and Volvo introducing cars in the entry-level segment that are pretty much closely priced as the flagship sedans of Honda, Hyundai, Skoda, Toyota and the like, is the latest market trend. One of the best examples of them all is Mercedes with its A and B-Class models.

Yes, Mercedes-Benz got the first mover’s advantage in this class of cars, but even after BMW and Volvo brought in their iterations, and Audi bringing in the A3 recently, the three-pointed star continues to shine bright. The A-Class racked up 400 bookings within the first 15 days of its launch. Mercedes was so satisfied with the way its newer generation cars (including the E-Class) are performing in the market that to commemorate its first anniversary, they brought in limited edition models of the A and B-Class.

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Mercedes-Benz 190E - Compact Luxurious! - skidpan

Do not click on the link. I would suspect it contains a virus or similar.

Mercedes-Benz 190E - Compact Luxurious! - gordonbennet

No i'm not clicking o it either.

Though i suspect luxury brand car buyers in any country arn't particularly price sensitive, Mercs 190E was their first foray into first Mondeo class and it must be said it was one of their best quality durable designs ever, attributes that went by the wayside for many years after.

As for first A Class, one could scarcely believe it even shared the same badge as a 190.

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