Which 2 seat soft top? - johnnyrev
Whilst my Dacia Logan continues to do sterling service (nearly a year old and not put a foot wrong), I do miss the CLK and open top motoring. So I have decided, I think, to spend around £1500 on a soft top. Something I can do small jobs on if needed (and they probably will be at this price!), but because I have the Logan it won't matter if it's off the road at any point.

Prices seem low at the moment, so the obvious question is what do I buy? The obvious choice is MX5, the less obvious is MGF. Is there anything else that you think I should look at? Or should I save my money and get some sense instead?!

Any thoughts or words of wisdom greatly received!
Which 2 seat soft top? - elekie&a/c doctor

You will not go wrong with an MX5 .Recently sold my 2005 "5" for £1800.Mechanically solid,but check for rot,especially in sills and wheel arches.MGF can be ok,but obvious problems wiyh head gasket and tacky build quality.Toyota MR 2 could be another option,but dubious engines and rotten subframes. MB clk is another ,but again they all seem to be rot boxes at this money.Bmw 3 series E36,but must have 6 cylinder engine.However good ones are creeping up in value.

Which 2 seat soft top? - gordonbennet

I agree MX5 but check very carefully for rust, underneath and sills and front end.

Merc SLK might be an interesting alternative.

Which 2 seat soft top? - barney100

How about an early SLK? Not a soft top but I find it better than the CLK soft one which always needed the green fungus cleaning off.

Which 2 seat soft top? - Avant

I think it has to be an MX-5. Anything from Mercedes, BMW or Audi at this price will be a big risk of repairs costing much more than the car's price.

I'm sure I read somewhere that the Eunos - a version of the MX-5 imported to the UK in the 1990s but not by Mazda UK - has lasted equally well and could be worth looking for.

Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76
Easy one this... look no further than the MX5. It's the only reliable option at this price if you want a two seat convertible. The MGF was nice enough to drive but quality and reliability were abysmal and the later steel sprung TF had a bone shaking ride.

Mk II is your best bet at this price. They're mechanically very robust and while not as pretty as the MK I there's a bit more space and it's a little more civilised.

Rust is the big worry here, MX5's rust like it's the 1970's all over again. Even the MK III's are rotting away if not cared for. Sticky brake calippers and knackered window regulators are common also but otherwise they're pretty bulletproof mechanically and electrically.

Look for a car that's been owned longterm as a second or third car by a well to do owner that's serviced it annually despite the low mileage. Get down under the thing and look for serious rot, it's unlikely to be pretty under there even if it's solid but you don't want too much rot or tatty welding.

Look at the tyres. Are they all good middle range and above brands? Cheap tyres ruin the handling and betray scrimped maintenance.

Timing belt interval is 53,000 miles but it's a non-interference engine so it'll not die if it snaps anyway so there's little to worry about but for peace of mind it's worth doing on time along with the water pump.

I sold loads over the years and owned one Mk II. I bought it for £1475 with 59,000 miles and full history including hard top, ran it for two summers of B road fun then sold it for £1,600 with the intention of buying a Mk III. While we were looking the better half fell pregnant and scuppered the plan. The bulk of the cars we looked at had serious rust issues even as late as 2008 so it's clear the rot problems persist.

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Which 2 seat soft top? - Miniman777

Having owned a Mk 2.5 53 plate MX5 for 18 months, would have another, but a Mk 3 with the retractable metal roof. Only sold for the Cooper S experience (with panoramic roof)

My MX5 was a 1.8 sport with leather heated seats (essential in winter), and I got a hard top off ebay to make it an all year car.

Bought in March but took until November to realise previous owner had put two rubbish Chinese Infinity tyres on the back (to pass MoT) which made it twitchy in the wet and lethal on roundabouts (F grip in wet!!!). 2nd MoT after previous tyre change, cracks were deep in tread, so two more new tyres after 10kmiles made a radical improvement.

Reliability wise, no problems apart from a failed crankshaft positioning sensor which Green Flag man misdiagnosed as fuel pump failure. Cost me £85 to fix. Had one rear caliper replaced too, otherwise all good.

Last MoT before I decided to sell, the tester flagged up sill corrosion (and this does put off buyers), so along with rusty rear wing edges, were repaired, but cost £450 inc spraying. Had to take the hit, but sold for just over £3k with the roof.

Personally, far more appealing that an MGF, and less likely to be trouble.

Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76
Forgot to add that ignition coils can fail too so check it's running on all four cylinders. Not a big worry though, they're cheap to replace.
Which 2 seat soft top? - Steveieb
Think we have all got carried away with the MX 5 and maybe overlooked the BM Z 3. My partner has an R Reg from new with the 2.8 engine. No rust and just like new at 60 k .Valued at £1500 .Absolute bargain! And no worries about rust.
Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76
Think we have all got carried away with the MX 5 and maybe overlooked the BM Z 3. My partner has an R Reg from new with the 2.8 engine. No rust and just like new at 60 k .Valued at £1500 .Absolute bargain! And no worries about rust.

I don't rate them as a drivers car at all. Quick enough in 2.8 form but more of a cruiser than fun car. The later Z4 redresses this but took a nosedive in quality and style. I've sold a few 4cyl cars but only had experience recently with the exact same car when a good friend bought one. He offloaded it after less than three months as he found it dull to drive, replacing it (believe it or not) with a tidy 20v Fiat Coupe that's quite entertaining and surprisingly reliable to date.
Which 2 seat soft top? - 72 dudes

Excellent advice from SLO76 as usual.

I had a MKIII 2007 but it was a third car, pampered and kept under a custom cover and rarely driven in the wet, let alone the salt. Mint and no rot. I went down the SLK 350 route afterwards.

Your budget will get you a MkII, but as everone has said, unless you find a similarly pampered example, rust is your enemy. In particular, the front chassis rails on the MKII are a weak point, and can rot away under a tidy, shiny body.

Join the MX5 owners club forum, it's the biggest in the world, and has lots of pointers and advice before buying. Usually a selection of members cars for sale too.

Which 2 seat soft top? - John F

Your budget will get you a MkII, .........

......but it is far too low to get anything decent, such as my TR7 DHC which has outlasted many a specimen of rusty old here today, gone tomorrow japcrap.

Which 2 seat soft top? - catsdad
Are you offering it for the OP's £1500 budget then ;-).
Which 2 seat soft top? - johnnyrev
Thank you all for the excellent advice. MX5 seems like the route to take. Now begins the fun of trying to find a good one! I found a couple online yesterday, for example:


,although not sure about the wheels! I was going to look at a few today but it's raining so it may have to wait until my day off next Monday (I only get Mondays off! Contrary to popular belief vicars don't just work on Sundays!).

I've also posted on the MX5 forum for buying advice, so I will keep you updated! Now I just need to tell my wife......

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Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76
I'd personally be looking for a private sale with one of these at this price point. I see them regularly at auction riddled with rot, they're snapped up by traders (not I) and cheaply tarted up for resale.

It's better to see an honest car that's not been sourced at auction and botched. But it does mean you'll have to travel and be prepared to look at loads before you buy because there's a lot of neglected, rotten and abused MX5's around.

I'd advise spending a little more to get a good one if funds suit rather than having to fix a tatty one later. Seen this one not too far away Auto Trader #DrivenByMe
Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76
Seen this at a mobile home dealer that also might be worthy.www.gumtree.com/p/cars-vans-motorbikes/2003-mazda-...l
Which 2 seat soft top? - gordonbennet

One thing about the MX5's which no one mentions is that even if you are a large chap, and not as nimble as you once were, they are easy enough to get in and out of.

This is something i found on car delivery, BMW Z3/4 were hell's (not advisable for a Reverend maybe :) own job to clamber in and out of but the little Mazda was fine, must be the position of the doors in relation to footwell and high inner sills on the BM's), with BMW's i'd have to literally roll out of the car, not in the same league but i found Jaguar XJS similarly difficult for this and i was much younger then and the job kept you agile.

Not sure anyone here would want JohnF's TR7, unless he's going to find and free all sump and drain plugs off, and loosen the treacle blocking all, prior to sale..:-) only pulling your leg John, that motor will be worth a tidy packet as you know, no tax to pay on its appreciation either, yet.

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Which 2 seat soft top? - RobJP

Your budget will get you a MkII, .........

......but it is far too low to get anything decent, such as my TR7 DHC which has outlasted many a specimen of rusty old here today, gone tomorrow japcrap.

Your comment is, in my opinion, gratuitously racist and unacceptable. I've reported it to moderators, I'll let them choose whether it remains or not.

Of course, the real test of how good quality something is, is how it's viewed 10, or 20, or 30, years after production.

The first generation of MX5s are still highly regarded - considering the car was released in 1989, quite an accomplishment.

The second generation of MX5, released in 1998 (so nearly 20 years old now) is also highly regarded.

The TR7, of course, is as laughed-at now as it was in the late 80s. The 'famed' BL reliability.

I know which I'd choose to have.

Which 2 seat soft top? - skidpan

Your comment is, in my opinion, gratuitously racist and unacceptable. I've reported it to moderators, I'll let them choose whether it remains or not.

Personally I don't consider the reference to "japcrap" as being racist. Back in the 70's it was commonplace to call all Datsuns and Toyotas "japcrap" basically because they were Japanese and considered to be crap, hardly racist is it. Initially it was quite justified since they rusted badly and drove badly.

However it was quickly realised that they had one redeeming feature which was reliabilty and in truth British cars of the 70's rusted badly and drove little better (Escort was an exception as was the Hillman Avenger - shock horror).

People used to call BL cars crap as well. The "B" in BL stood for British thus should that be considered racist as well?

In truth the TR7 was a joke back in the 70's/80's and it deserved the reputation. Today it has attained classic status but only those with rose tinted glasses would know why. But some claim the Allegro and Marina are classics and those people should surely be locked away.

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Which 2 seat soft top? - RobJP

Back in the 70s and 80s the words 'paki', 'paddy', 'wog', 'ni**er' (I refuse to even type the word, no idea if the filter would delete it or not), and various others were also commonplace.

If any of those others were used these days, the person using could expect to have their collar felt, or if not done in the presence of a police officer, to receive a good kicking.

Racism is racism. Whether it was acceptable 20, 30 or 40 years ago is irrelevant.

Edited by RobJP on 09/01/2017 at 12:55

Which 2 seat soft top? - skidpan

Back in the 70s and 80s the words 'paki', 'paddy', 'wog', 'ni**er' (I refuse to even type the word, no idea if the filter would delete it or not), and various others were also commonplace.

To call a person any of the above is without doubt racist.

To call a Mazda MX5 "japcrap" is not racist, its simply the remark of a poster who still believes that products made in the far east are inferior.

People on here constantly recommend that you do not buy French cars. By association that is being racist as well and all such posts should surely be deleted.

Which 2 seat soft top? - csgmart

Racism is racism. Whether it was acceptable 20, 30 or 40 years ago is irrelevant.

This is very true and I would never condone racist comments or behaviour. I do though feel that this country has been ruined for ever by the PC brigade over the past 30 years or so. People get 'offended' at the slightest things these days. You only have to look at Youtube and all the videos of young things in American threatening to kill themselves simply because Trump won and their beloved Hillary didn't. What's wrong with people?

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Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76
I'm ashamed to admit it but I have an unhealthy fondness for old BL metal too. All no doubt linked to my gaffers tendency to fill our sales yard full of 80's/90's Rovers when I was a young impressionable saleslad.

I get the anti-fashion statement owning an Allaggro or Marina makes but later Honda based cars and K series Metros were genuinely great class leading cars in their day. I cut my teeth selling them and ran plenty as company cars over the years without much going wrong aside from the odd shonky electric window on Rover 800's and rot on Montegos.

I never got the appeal of the TR7 however. Never liked the look and while I've never driven a 2.0 7, I have taken a quick blast in one that had been converted to a V8 when it was presented to me for a valuation against a used Mk V Escort XR3i in 1997.

Car was 20yrs old but had been restored when the conversion had been done 5yrs or so before and it was Rotten everywhere! Gearchange was horrible compared to a modern Japanese motor especially the MX5, the handling nothing to write home about even compared to cars of similar vintage with poor floaty body control even with the upgraded suspension on this one. But you can't beat the sound of a V8.

Owner was almost physically sick when I told him what it was worth though. At the time they were next to worthless even in standard unmolested form but this rot box V8 was worthless despite the owner being amazed I wouldn't give him £4K for it! Bid it £700 if memory serves and only because the XR was due to be reduced by £500. The only reason there's money in them today is because so few survived and certainly not because it was a great motor. We all like different things, that doesn't make us wrong though.

But then who am I to comment I'm the idiot who was recently saved a heap of grief by being outbid on a Montego I fancied for a big of retro cool?

Which 2 seat soft top? - 72 dudes

In my school and university holidays I also worked in a large BL and Jaguar/Rover/Triumph dealership - but as a new/used car valeter!

This was before the nanny state and we were allowed to drive the cars around the compound to move them, and on the local roads (within reason).

The EFi Maestro and Montego models wearing the MG badge were not bad cars, the carburettor equipped 1.6 models were horrible (plenty of tales about new cars not starting before the PDI !)

The Acclaim came out while I was working there, and it was a breath of fresh air compared to the Maxis and Itals knocking around.

The Princess and Ambassador even drove quite well in a lazy floaty kind of way but perceived quality and QC was appalling.

The car which most impressed me at the time came in as a trade-in against (I think) an XJ6. It was an Audi 200 Turbo. Unusual then (1982/3) and very rare now. Couldn't resist a little spin round the block. Absolute rocket ship. Seemed very cool and modern compared to the SD1 Rover!

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Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76
The Honda/BL alliance was a great combination. Honda reliability combined with a bit of British class worked well, just a shame BMW killed that when they bought Rover and Honda walked away.

If only Honda had bought Rover and Land Rover instead of BMW. They could've benefited hugely from Land Rovers 4wd know how and image to rise into the premium market and Rover could've carried on making excellent rebranded Honda's with a bit more style and Rover's ability to milk a design for all it was worth.

Joint effort R8 for example was a 3 & 5dr hatch, a 4dr saloon, an estate, a convertible and a sports coupe whereas Honda made far less of it with the Civic hatch and estate. 600 had far more in the way of spec or engine options than the Accord as did the 800 v the Legend.

Which 2 seat soft top? - John F

comment is, in my opinion, gratuitously racist

As a matter of fact it's not, it's merely insulting. Although Japan was historically a sequestered area for a long time their inhabitants, although pretty homogeneous compared to heterogeneous European countries, are not really a separate 'race'.

Modern genetics continues to surprise and disturb those who think they they are in a particular special, or even 'chosen', racial group.

And those who espoused the 'japcrap' had the last laugh when their Datsuns actually started on cold winter mornings!

Which 2 seat soft top? - Avant

I'm not going to faff about editing and deleting - much too boring and would involve several posts - but I agree that John F's comment was unnecessarily provocative. Can we stick to helping Johnnyrev with his search, which most of us have been, especially the usual excellent advice from SLO76.

I know very well where you're coming from, Johnnyrev (yes, organists despite being beyond redemption do still have souls....). I had a BMW Z3 for five years and now that SWMBO's soft-top Mini has gone in favour of an Audi A1 (a much better car all round except that it isn't a convertible), I know I'll miss open-air motoring come the spring.

Best of luck with the search.

Which 2 seat soft top? - gordonbennet

Reverend, they are completely different vehicles in every way, but when you go to buy a Landcruiser or similar the very first place you look is under the car because corrosion is the same destroyer on these, though inspection is a lot easier with a 4x4 (even if some people can't be bothered to look), so i suggest you bodge up a decent mirror on a stick and take that and a good lantern with you as sliding under an MX5, unless you are very thin, i'm far from that, isn't going to happen.

I looked at several LC's before buying the most recent and most of the also rans i didn't do any more than get out of my car, slide under with torch, grimace and utter bad words under my breath slide out again and clear off without so much as touching the keys lifting the bonnet or peering through the windows.

Take heart though the right car will call to you from an advert, and your previous well heeled and/or genuine caring owner's antenna will wriggle, when that happens be quick and go buy it before someone else does.

I bought my current LC, not cheaply, about 3 hours after it appeared on the Trader, you have to strike fast to get the really looked after cars, they sell fast.

Edited by gordonbennet on 09/01/2017 at 15:26

Which 2 seat soft top? - John F

- but I agree that John F's comment was unnecessarily provocative.

Ho ho, my bit of fun had the desired effect in producing some amusing posts - and revealed posters with a sense of humour failure! BTW, it's not for sale. One of my reasons for keeping it (a very different car from the first Speke dreadful hard-top) is to see how long it lasts before something major goes wrong.

Incidentally, I admire Japanese engineering. It sadly but deservedly trumped our motor bike industry and the Acclaim was probably the most dependable Triumph car ever made (I put 40,000 youthful exuberant miles on my mother's - it never complained).

Which 2 seat soft top? - johnnyrev

Thanks All,

there are a good nuber of Mk2's around at dealers, but they are usually described very vaguely and their MOT history full of failures. One car was described as having a 'full MOT history'!

I'm not in a particular hurry so will shop around and take my time. Plus, the longer I take the more money I will have saved up!

Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76

Thanks All,

there are a good nuber of Mk2's around at dealers, but they are usually described very vaguely and their MOT history full of failures. One car was described as having a 'full MOT history'!

I'm not in a particular hurry so will shop around and take my time. Plus, the longer I take the more money I will have saved up!

Wise but remember as spring approaches prices on cheaper end convertibles firm up. Winter is the time to buy and spring/summer the time to sell. You won't regret buying one of these. They're a hoot to drive with one of the best gearchanges I've encountered. Happy hunting!
Which 2 seat soft top? - khcomp

Interesting thread: Yes, the MX5 is a very sensible option, but they are terribly prone to rot, usually due to blocked drain points ahead of the rear wheels, but the undersides in general can rust alarmingly. Check very carefully! Prices are low, choice is huge, so you can afford to be choosy. You're probably looking at a Mk 2 or 2.5 for £1,500 - don't be too worried about whether it's a 1.6 or a 1.8, as they're both great fun.

I would have to add that there have been a few references to the BMW Z3 in this thread: I think most people automatically write them off as 'not sporty' - I would suggest that you take a drive in one and make your own mind up, I have a 6 cylinder and bought two four cylinder models in the last couple of years for customers and was pleasantly surprised. They too are incredibly reliable (mine is a 2000 model with 140,000 miles on it and is utterly trouble free). Parts in general are surprisingly cheap too. They are also far lest rust prone than the Mazda, and most have powered hoods.

Someone had commented that it's easier to get in and out of an MX5 than a Z3 - I'm over 6 feet tall & pretty well built, and I can guarantee that this is completely the wrong way round: A Mk2 MX5 with the hood up is 'snug', but both me and my 82 year old father have no issues with the BMW....

The MX-5 feels a much nimbler car, but I think that the neutral handling of the BMW and it's traction on the standard (very wide) tyres is mistaken by a lot of people for lack of performance. I would happily recommend either.

Which 2 seat soft top? - Avant

I agree - one of the reasons I went for a Z3 (referred to upthread) rather than an MX-5 is that SWMBO with her arthritic knee found the Z3 easier to get in and out of. The other reason of course was the glorious straight-six engine.

The Z3 and Z4 are also a bit bigger generally, so there's more room in the cockpit, and the Z3 has a very good boot with plenty of room for a week's luggage.

Johnnyrev will find more MX-5s around to choose from, but there might just be a Z3 within his budget. Service history essential, though.

Which 2 seat soft top? - johnnyrev
Been having a good hunt online, may have a look at this one on Saturday, the MOT history and the description look reasonable:


I have been looking at Z3 ads as well, so I may have a drive of one. There's one going for £1400 not far away:

Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76
Both look fresh enough but I'm no fan of the clear tail lights fitted to that MX, smacks of boy/girl racer but the rest of the detail sound spot on. Longterm ownership, full history, cambelt change...

The Z3 also sounds the part but it's no drivers car, it's a great looking soft top for cruising along. If you want fun I'd look elsewhere, these were never fun to drive especially the 1.9. Fine if you just want the wind in the hair and to run something that will go up in value.

I spotted this private sale one lady owner MX with all the right words in the advert and detailed pictures of many of the body weak points. "Only for sale because of a hip replacement!!!"
Auto Trader #DrivenByMe
Which 2 seat soft top? - dadbif
With any Mk2 MX5 it is essential that you check the front outriggers before you buy It, they rot from within, so what looks like slight surface rust/bubbling, may be far worse...
Which 2 seat soft top? - Gibbo_Wirral

And also check the hood is in good condition, a bad fit and water will fill up the boot.

Which 2 seat soft top? - Fishermans Bend

Don't dismiss an MGF, a well bought one is a great car.

Which 2 seat soft top? - newguy2015


About 2 years ago I asked a similar question which can be seen at www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=108781

I got some really good advise and the two contenders were a BMW Z4 and Mazda MX5. I decided to go down the BMW route. I spent about 6 months trying to find a good one but at my price range Iwas really struggling.

I ended up importing a Mazda MX5 MK2 (NB) from Japan. There are a number of companies that specialise in this. The company I used had a great reputation in the MX5 community and very good reviews.

Importing is more expensive then buying a UK car but mine has no rust whatsoever and has now been fully undersealed.

At first I have to confess I absolutely hated the car. I'm 5'11 and my head was touching the roof and my legs against the steering wheel. The cockpit is very small!

My first action was to remove some foam from the drivers seat to stop my head hitting the roof. This worked well, apart from the fact that I felt as if I was sitting on springs. I longed for the days where my head touched the roof!

In the end, I ordered a bucket seat/harnesss and sports steering wheel which solved the problems. Before I did this I was very close to getting rid of the car.

My car has been reliable, it's a 1998 model and it has started first time every time and I use it as my daily driver.

Parts are easy to come across and they are cheap. The car has small wheels and you can pick up decent tryes for £50 per corner.

There's a very big MX5 community who know a lot about the car.

I'm very much enjoying my car but I suspect if I was doing it again I may have gone a different way.

Hope that helps

Which 2 seat soft top? - gordonbennet

Thats very intersting Newguy, i used to deliver them, i'm 6ft and long legged and even in my 50's had no trouble getting in and out of the UK models (unlike Z4's which i hated for that reason, mind you 307cc's were no better) at all and not aware of my head touching the roof, i wonder if the Japan market cars had different seats bearing in mind the slightly smaller and usually slimmer stature of the average buyer in Japan.

Which 2 seat soft top? - newguy2015

Since buying my MX5, I've sat in another UK MK2 and had exactly the same issue. It was the exact same seat as in mine.

I believe a lot of people used to purchase Lotus Elise seats for their MX5's as they fitted in well and got them lower down.

I understand the MK1 and MK3 may have more headroom but I've never sat in either.

Which 2 seat soft top? - gordonbennet

Ah yes, where i worked at the time we delivered a fair few steel roofed jobbies as well as same model soft tops, that would be the Mk3 then?

Admit i was very taken with the folding roofed models.

Which 2 seat soft top? - newguy2015

I think that was probably the MK3 you were thinking off.

A folding metal roof is just another thing that would probably be expensive to fix if it went wrong.

My car is simplicity itself. There is no central locking, no unnecessary gadgets, its just a well engineered Japanise car.

The eletric windows did go wrong but where fairly easy to fix.

Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76
"i'm 6ft and long legged"

Long legs aren't a problem regarding headroom but a long back is when sitting down. Guess we're all built differently but I'm glad I'm built small enough to get comfy in any motor without looking ridiculous.
Which 2 seat soft top? - johnnyrev
Thanks everyone, I have bought an MX5! It's a 2004 1.6 in a funny aubergine colour, 102,000 miles, £1200. Good main dealer service history until a couple of years ago, and a healthy looking MOT history. A few spots of rust on the bodywork (e.g. The corner of the bonnet) but the sills and wheel arches are clear.

A couple of scratches, a tiny dent on the bonnet, and it needs a new front number plate mount (it's made of really flimsy plastic), but the hood is good, the interior is wearing well and 4 new tires! It's the one in the gumtree ad but the link doesn't work now.

It's a few hundred under my budget so it's off for a major service and a good check tomorrow! It was a relief that at 6' 2" I fit in, even for my size 12 feet! My 10 year old calls it 'the midget car'. I tried telling him about the history of MG's but he wasn't very intererested, just annoyed that the Mazda apparently goes too fast for him to play Pokemon Go!
Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76
Good job. I don't think you'll regret buying one, they're great fun especially on a twisty road on a nice day with the hood off. I just loved that rifle bolt gearchange. We've some fantastic driving roads up here in Scotland and I had many an enjoyable road trip but I need more than two seats now or there'd be a MKIII in the garage.

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Which 2 seat soft top? - gordonbennet
I need more than two seats now or there'd be a MKIII in the garage.

Is that a euphemism perchance :-)

Well bought Rev, hope it gives lots of fun.

Which 2 seat soft top? - SLO76

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