VAG 1.2tsi - Liquid gaskets - brum

Im having a timing chain changed today, I believe this involves removing covers including the sump, all of which are sealed with a liquid gasket paste.

Question: When they apply the gasket goo and refit he sump/covers, is any curing time required before filling the engine with oil and running?

There doesnt seem to be any time allowed for curing as the dealer has said the car will be ready to pickup this afternoon (approx 4-5 hours toal for the entire job)

VAG 1.2tsi - Liquid gaskets - madf

I used liquid gasket when repalcing timing chain on a Yaris. (as per Toyota spec)

The instructions said apply and fix together within 10 minutes - or it started to go off.

The stuff is oil resistant when unset, so setting time is not an issue if properly applied.

VAG 1.2tsi - Liquid gaskets - brum

Thanks for your comment, reassured plus now I have found vw workshop manual instructions on the internet and it states 30 mins before filling.

VAG 1.2tsi - Liquid gaskets - peter moss

I used use an automatic transmission gasget we used get on a reel due to the sheer amount of different shaped pans it was lot easier than buying gasgets used to get it from an automatic parts dealers in wembly it was oil proof just put it around the oil pan push a driver through the bolt holes and it wa good to go !

VAG 1.2tsi - Liquid gaskets - craig-pd130

Usually not. When I've reassembled crankcases on motorbikes, the bond / sealer for the mating faces (which have no gasket) just needs a couple of minutes to 'flash off' and go tacky, then the cases can be fitted together, torqued up and filled with oil / fired up immediately.

I usually use a very thin brushing of Wellseal on joints with gaskets (paper, card or metal) and that just needs a minute or so to tack up. It helps with sealing and also makes the joint easier to disassemble if it ever needs to come apart, as it stops the gasket adhering to the joint faces.


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