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I picked up what they call "paint protection" from eBay at a good price. It's the Diamondbrite stuff that dealers often try and flog you on new cars for a few hundred extra. Only a few quid on eBay. I quite like it, easy to apply and gives a good shine.

Then I thought, how does it compare to other stuff I've tried before, so had a rummage in the garage and then tried to do a scientific test. They are all different categories of products, i.e. polish, wax and paint protection/sealant, but these are all in the same (cheapish) price band and all the sort of stuff that the average joe picks up to keep our cars shining a bit longer.

I made a couple of youtube videos if anyone is interested:



The comparison and test video is just against what I happened to have in my garage. I'm not saying there aren't better alternatives out there. (Some people go on about nano polymers, ceramics, blah, blah, but for the price the Diamaondbrite is better than what else I've got, especially Mer)
Wax, Polish, paint protection - I did some tests - catsdad
Kind of what I'd have suspected (diamondbrite and simoniz being best) but nice to have it confirmed without my having to the work ;-).
I know you are at pains not to be seen as advertising but it's the best ad I've ever seen................for MG paintwork! Looks remarkably good in the video.
Wax, Polish, paint protection - I did some tests - Dogfuzz

Why not save even more dosh?

I reckon there's nothing to beat any old thickish white wax polish liquid(£2.99-from a supermarket car section). Apply to a dry car ( then buff off) after giving the vehicle a thorough elbow grease wash/leather off. Do it every three months and you will always have a showroom finish.

As for a clean inside?-"vac out" regularly and if you want a nice shiny clean dash-use a clean damp cloth all round-then having allowed to dry-carefully apply a light even coating of olive oil from a thin cloth, but taking care to avoid steering wheel area .

Don't tell the the car accessory chappies about this--they make a fortune selling expensive scented versions of what I just described!

Wax, Polish, paint protection - I did some tests - Wackyracer

I now use bilt hamber doublespeed wax and it still beads water beautifully after 6months.

I've tried lots of different brands and types over the years, there are some types that can be applied really easily and quickly but, just don't offer long term protection or shine.

Wax, Polish, paint protection - I did some tests - andyp

I always used to use the old Simoniz original solid block of wax which gave a great shine and lasted a long time. I haven't got the energy to use it now though !

Wax, Polish, paint protection - I did some tests - galileo

I'll put in a good word for Armor All Shield, not cheap but easy to apply, very easy to buff off and beads water like a duck's back for months

Wax, Polish, paint protection - I did some tests - postie1

Interesting comments on wax and paint protection. I have used the HD Wax from Autoglym before as it gives good protection.

Ceramic Coating last a lot longer than wax's, so i guess it depends on personal choice and budget. The Autoglym HD Wax is supposed to last for 50 washes but i guess it depends a lot on where your car is stored. A best guess i would say 3 or 4 months bodywork protection before i would need to re-apply the wax again.

Ceramic coatings give better protection but there is a lot of preperation involved, saying that, some last for 5 years which is great if you plan on keeping the car.

The choices can be baffling, i read a thread saying they had tried loads of different car care products (that can be expensive), i do like to stick with Autoglym though. Stick to what you know sort of thing.

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