FLASHING OTHER DRIVERS: Is it illegal to flash other drivers to warn them of a speed trap?


No. This ruling was made in DPP v Glendinning, 25th April 2005.

DPP v Glendinning 2005

The case of Mr Charles Glendinning was taken to the House of Lords by the DPP after a successful appeal against a court decision in Taunton which initially convicted him of wilfully obstructing the police when he waved at other drivers to warn them of a police trap on the A303 at Tinkers Hill, Stoke Trister, Somerset. The Law Lords ruled in Glendinning's favour refusing permission to the DPP to appeal. Mr Justice Owen said that there was no evidence that any of the motorists warned by Glendinning had been breaking the speed limit when he flashed them or were about to do so. He added (obiter dictum) that some people might think that the police ought to appreciate the efforts of others to prevent speeding. 

Flashing should only be used as a warning, which it did in this case.

'Flashing someone out in front of you' can be misinterpreted, so drivers should exercise caution and not automatically assume they are being 'flashed out' unless the behaviour of the other driver confirms this.




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