Volvo XC90 (2015–)

What's good

Fantastic ride quality even on standard suspension - made even better by air suspension even on 21-inch wheels.

Beautifully finished cabin using top-quality materials.

Spacious enough for a family and packed with safety gadgets.

iPad style infotainment is simple to use and looks great.

Five star Euro NCAP rating in 2015: 97% adult occupant safety, 87% child occupant safety, 72% pedestrian safety and 100% safety assist rating.

Excellent adaptive cruise control.

T8 has a maximum towing weight of 2400kg, which is more than any other hybrid car and more than adequate for most caravans.

What to watch out for

Bulky dimensions make parking a chore.

Petrol engine is pricier than the diesel.

Plug-in hybrid averages around 36mpg not plugged in. 134.5mpg is pie in the sky.

Plug-in hybrid grant for T8 reduced to £2,500 from March 2016.

Complaints of tyre noise from 19-inch and 21-inch tyres when air suspension is not specified.

8-7-2016: Complaint of multiple software problems on Volvo XC90 "Like most other owners, I'm having lots of ongoing software problems with my car. Many of the functions for which I bought this car don't work at all, or work for a while after a software update and then fail again. Ongoing software issues are "resolved" by a latest software update which in most cases fixes the glitch temporarily but often has knock on effects to other software functions.

28-3-2017: Report of numerous annoying problems with leased Volvo XC90 T8. Within 24 hours of pick up it needed its main ECU replacing (gone for a week and half) and since then the heated seat on the drivers side doesn't work (2 visits, still no fix) and the nav / radio unit liked to reboot itself (2 visits, now fixed, fingers crossed). Since the last visit the driver's window started running slowly and the collision warning sensor likes to go off a lot more frequently than before.

4-10-2017: Significant electrical/electronic problems reported with November 2016 Volvo XC90. Recurrent issues with low charge 12V battery which resulted in complete electrical failure within the first 4 months from purchase. Volvo UK had the car uplifted back to the Volvo dealer in April 2017 with the subsequent battery change and software upgrade seeming to have sorted the original problem.

3-9-2018: Complaint from owner that even when fully charged his Volvo XC90 T8 will not run for more than a few miles in EV mode without the petrol engine cutting in. A new 12v battery was tried in case there was a fault with the engine start/stop, but that made no difference.

12-11-2018: Report of numerous problems with 2015 Volvo XC90 T8. In three years it has had two complete software failures leading to no power.

25-5-2019: Report of brakes of Volvo XC90 failing on the motorway 200 miles after purchase. "No braking power between 60mph and 40mph no matter how hard I pressed the pedal." Volvo examined the car and found a part was not put in place during assembly.

15-8-2019: Report of initial 20 miles fully charged EV range of Volvo T8 PHEV 'TwinPower' disappearing when first starting the car. Engine simply starts. Car has done 127k miles.

12-2-2020: Report of Key Tag (Sport Key) of 22k mile 2018 Volvo XC90 T8 failing, owner thinks because of a flat battery. But it is a sealed unit so the battery cannot be changed and not covered by warranty so owner must pay £220 for a coded replacement.


08-03-2017: R/2017/105: Retaining bolt for inflatable curtain may be broken: The retaining bolts used to assemble the Inflatable Curtain may be broken and offer less protection in the event of an incident. Fix: On affected vehicles replace all retaining bolts. VIN: YV1LF68BCH1150614 to YV1LF68BCH1175024; YP1PZA8ACH1000098 to YP1PZ68BCH1005224; YV1A22MK9H1011536 to YV1PSA8BDH1017772; YV1PWA8BDH1008981 to YV1PW7991H1018590: Build dates: 21-11-2016 to 01-03-2017.

29-05-2019: R/2019/128: An engine cooling system hose may break and could cause a coolant leak. Affects models sold between April 2014 and May 2019.

22-7-2019: Volvo recalled 70,000 S60, S80, S90 saloons, V40, V60, V70, V90 estates and XC60 and XC90 models sold in the UK from 2014 to 2018 fitted with 2.0 litre diesel engines.

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