Volvo S60 (2010–2018)

Model History

January 2009

New S60 unveiled

It includes a safety innovation that can detect a pedestrian who steps out into the path of the car and the car's full braking power is automatically activated if the driver does not respond to the danger. The technology, Collision Warning with Full Auto Brake and pedestrian detection, will be introduced in the all-new Volvo S60.

The engine that Volvo Cars chose for the Volvo S60 Concept is a four-cylinder 1.6-litre petrol unit using high-efficiency GTDi (Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection) technology and producing 180 horsepower. In a conventional petrol engine, fuel is injected into the inlet manifold ahead of the inlet valves. The engine in combination with a range of other technical measures makes it possible to cut carbon dioxide emissions to 119g/km.

August 2010

Introduction of two new engines - T3 and T4

The 1.6 GTDi T3 features 150PS while the T4 offers 180PS and both will be available in the all-new Volvo S60 and V60 in late 2010. The 180PS T4 engine delivers maximum torque of 240Nm from just 1600rpm all the way up to 5000rpm. An automatic on-demand overboost function provides a massive 270Nm of torque. The 150PS T3 version offers 240Nm of torque.

September 2010

S60 R-Design launched

Featuring a specially developed chassis, the new R-Design models ensure that the driving experience matches the car's sporting appearance.

Customers can opt for an economical, efficient 2.0-litre D3 all the way through to the high-performance T6, with all cars benefiting from the sportier looks of the R-Design variant.

On the inside, the driver and front passenger sit in sports seats in which the backrest matched by an all-new seat cushion with even closer side support than before. On the outside, the cars have an imposing redesigned front valance while a distinctive diffuser houses twin exhaust tailpipes. To finish, unique five-spoke 18-inch Diamond cut wheels emphasise the sporty overall appeal.

The front and rear springs have been shortened by 15 mm and spring stiffness is 15 per cent higher compared to the standard-fit dynamic chassis in the S60 and V60. The bushings with which the rear dampers are attached to the body are 20 per cent stiffer compared with the dynamic chassis in the S60 and V60. The front tie-blade bushing, attaching the rear sub-frame to the car, is a massive 400 per cent stiffer than before to counteract wheel bouncing and shaking.

February 2011

The new Volvo S60 and V60 DRIVe models offer sub-120 g/km emissions from 1.6 litre turbo diesel engines. Fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox and start/stop technology, the S60 and V60 DRIVe models produce just 114 g/km and 119 g/km respectively. They also achieve low fuel consumption figures of 65.7 mpg for the S60 and 62.8 mpg for the V60 (EU combined cycle).

The low CO2emissions and a starting price of £23,495 on the road for the S60 DRIVe ES are good news for company car buyers looking at their Benefit In Kind payments.

April 2011

Volvo re-certified most of its diesel range

Now under 120g/km CO2, including the 215PS D5 in the S60 and V60, for the 2013 model year, and at the same time re-named DRIVe to Drive-E.

Model/Engine D2 (115 hp) D3 (136 hp) D4 (163 hp) D5 (215 hp)

S60 114 g 114 g 114 g 119 g

The D2 engine combined with automatic Powershift gearbox comes with the same low fuel consumption and CO2levels as the manual versions in the Volvo S60, V60, V70 and S80. Now, the DRIVe symbol, which has been used to denote the lowest CO2emitting engine in each of the models, will be re-named Drive-E.

New D3 diesel engine with 136 hp. Volvo Car Corporation has extended its diesel engine offer with a new entry-level 5-cylinder, 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel in the Volvo S60, V60, V70 and S80 models.

August 2011

Volvo's fuel saving start/stop technology which reduces emissions of CO2 by up to 8% has, for the first time, been combined with the six-speed Geartronic transmission. Initially, it is available together with the 2.0-litre D3 turbo diesel, cutting CO2 emissions by 10g/km - translating into a decrease in fuel consumption of up to 3.6 miles per gallon.

December 2011

DRIVe now available with an automatic gearbox

Customers will be able to order a DRIVe Powershift in early 2012 with production starting mid-February. On the road prices start at £25,230 for the S60 DRIVe.

August 2012

Volvo adds new Business Edition variants

Based on the ES and ES Nav variants, these models benefit from enhanced standard specification and lower list prices.

Extra equipment in the Business Edition models includes integrated sat nav, multimedia audio system, Bluetooth and rear park assist. The S60 Business edition is priced from £19,995, with the equivalent V60 priced from £21,195 – both represent a £3000 reduction off the outgoing ES model. The V70 D2 Powershift Business Edition is £2,925 cheaper than the ES, at £24,995 on-the-road. Order books are open now.

February 2013

Effective immediately, new S60 D3 and D4 Geartronic versions will emit under 130g/km CO2.

February 2013

Significant revisions to S60

Redesigned interior and exterior of the new cars. Inside, the attention to detail, the authentic materials - such as wood and leather - and the easy-to-use controls contribute to the in-command driving experience.

New optional sport seat that retains this traditional comfort and makes a perfect addition to the in-command feel of a true driver's car. Previously visible washer nozzles have been relocated out of sight under the bonnet. Radar cover has been painted gloss black, which practically makes it disappear in the grille. Chrome frame around the grille has been removed and the new, bigger ironmark badge enhances the new cars' self-confident look.

The new S60 offers an extended wheel choice with a variety of 18-inch and 19-inch designs that increase the personalisation possibilities for customers. The XC60 is available with 20-inch wheels while keeping the same tyre profile height and ride comfort as with 19-inch wheels.

Inside, there are upgrades such as new upholstery colours, new wood inlays, a new headliner, and the silk metal frames around the air vents and light controls. And under the skin, at the heart of the dynamic driving experience, is a wide choice of chassis settings, designed around the customer's personal requirements. The S60 buyer has a choice of four chassis types - Touring, Dynamic, Four-C (Continuously

September 2013

Volvo launched the first of its new series of DRIVe engines

Two 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines.

Volvo will sever its last engine links with Ford within the next two years with a new family of efficient, light and compact four-cylinder units. The first of these new Drive-E engines will be available by the end of 2013.

For the UK there will be a D4 twin-turbo diesel developing 181PS and 400Nm of torque, and a supercharged and turbocharged T6 petrol unit with 306PS and 400Nm.

Eventually the Drive-E family will expand to eight engines, seven of which will be offered in the UK. All will be 2.0-litre direct-injection units with varying levels of turbocharging. The diesels will deliver between 130 and 239PS, and the petrol units 140 to 306PS. They have been prepared for eventual use in hybrid drive systems.

The previous range of Ford four-cylinder engines and in-house five-cylinder diesel and six-cylinder petrol units are progressively phased out. Volvo says the new engines are up to 35% more fuel efficient than those they replace, an average of 50 kilos lighter and smaller.

January 2014

Volvo Drive-E 4 cylinder powertrains:


1,969cc 4cylinder single turbo: 120PS, 250Nm torque

1,969cc 4cylinder single turbo: 150PS, 320Nm torque

1,969cc 4cylinder twin turbo: 181PS, 400Nm torque

1,969cc 4cylinder twin turbo: 230PS, 480Nm torque


1,969cc 4cylinder single turbo: 140PS, 250Nm torque + 30Nm overboost

1,969cc 4cylinder single turbo: 190PS, 300Nm torque + 30Nm overboost

1,969cc 4cylinder single turbo: 245PS, 350Nm torque + 30Nm overboost

1,969cc 4cylinder supercharger + turbo: 306PS, 400Nm torque

October 2014

Volvo increases power of 2.0-litre petrol engine. Volvo delivers a combination of performance and efficiency with the High Performance Drive-E Powertrain Concept - a triple boost 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with no less than 450PS.

April 2015

Prices of Volvo S60 Cross Country announced

The S60 Cross Country is available in two engines and one specification level, the D4 FWD Cross Country Lux Nav (£33,695 OTR) and D4 AWD Geartronic Cross Country Lux Nav (£36,725 OTR).

The S60 Cross Country has an additional 65mm of ground clearance over the standard S60. Skid plates front and rear, side scuff plates and bumper extenders convey an imposing, muscular presence that underlies its capable nature, while integrated tailpipes reflect its sporty side.

April 2015

New four-cylinder Drive-E petrol engines introduced

2.0-litre T3 manual and 1.5-litre T3 auto. Two new diesel engines for D2 and D3, plus increased power for new 190hp D4. Ventilation system upgraded to Air Quality System and Rain Sensor now standard. Rebel Blue, Black Sapphire and Caspian Blue are removed and replaced with Onyx Black, Magic Blue and Osmium Grey. Two new wheel designs: 18” Skadi and 19” Portia

S60 diesel


CO 2 g/km








New four-cylinder 2.0-litre Drive-E engine introduced





New four-cylinder 2.0-litre Drive-E engine introduced





Power increased from 181 to 190hp for MY2016

S60 petrol


CO 2 g/km




T3 manual




New 2.0-litre Drive-E petrol engine for T3 manual

T3 auto




New 1.5-litre Drive-E petrol engine for T3 auto

July 2015

The gradual transition to Volvo's new range of in house DRIVe engines is confusing. Here is the current line-up for the S60:

T3 turbo petrol manual: 1,969cc 4-cylinder, 152PS, 250Nm from 1,300-4,000rpm

T3 turbo petrol auto: 1,498cc, 152PS 4-cylinder, 250Nm from 1,700-4,000rpm

D2 turbo diesel manual and auto: 1,969cc 4-cylinder, 120PS, 280Nm from 1,500-2,250rpm

D3 turbo diesel manual and auto: 1,969cc 4-cylinder, 150PS, 320Nm from 1,750-3,000rpm

D4 turbo diesel manual and auto: 1,969cc 4-cylinder, 190PS, 400Nm from 1,750-2,500rpm

D4 AWD turbo diesel auto: 2,400cc 5-cylinder, 190PS, 420Nm from 1,500-3,000rpm

February 2016


S60 receives significant updates for 2016 Two new wheels will be offered – a new 18” wheel for the S60/V60 and XC60, and a brand-new 20” wheel for the XC60. These will be complemented by a new generation of 18-inch, 19-inch and 20-inch wheels for R-Design trim levels.

The S60 is also offered with three new exterior colours. Luminous Sand will be available on all 60 Series cars along with Mussel Blue and Bursting Blue.

May 2017

S60 Business Lux model launched

Replicating the current Lux upgrade already available on Volvo's SE, R-Design and Cross Country variants, the Business Edition Lux provides some added luxury to the S60.

The Lux package brings attractive 17-inch Rodinia alloy wheels, while the interior gets residual-value-enhancing leather upholstery along with Piano Black inlays and an active information display, which clearly presents the most important information to the driver at all times.

As well as these upgrades, the S60 Business Edition Lux also benefits from a rear parking camera. This helps make parking and low-speed manoeuvring easier and safer, particularly if a towbar is also fitted to the car.

Available to order now, the S60 Business Edition Lux is priced from £24,545 (OTR), with the V60 priced from £25,745. The D2 diesel versions of both attract a BIK tax rate of just 22%.

August 2017

Polestar unveils Model Year 2018 S60

Comes with additional aerodynamic components made from lightweight carbon fibre material. A limited number of 1500 vehicles will be produced, with all cars receiving a unique number on the tread plate.

The aerodynamic enhancements include a new front splitter, side sills and a rear spoiler extension, all made in lightweight carbon fibre, increasing the downforce by 30 per cent. The new components increase grip and high-speed stability, providing a car with the duality of being at ease in everyday driving as well as providing the driver with further control and feedback on an inspiring stretch of road or during an evasive manoeuvre for example.

Other visual changes include high-gloss black Polestar diamond cut wheels, carbon fibre door mirror casings and a new colour; Bursting Blue Metallic. The interior has been updated with a new seat upholstery, blue contrast stitching and Polestar embroidering.

What does a Volvo S60 (2010 – 2018) cost?

List Price from £38,295
Buy new from £29,082
Contract hire from £270.71 per month