Volkswagen Passat GTE (2015–)

Model History

September 2014

Volkswagen reveals Passat GTE

It is a zero-emission and long-distance vehicle in one and available as a saloon or estate. In GTE mode, the Volkswagen also has a sporty side. Plug-in hybrid, in this case, means the combination of a turbocharged direct injection petrol engine (TSI) with an electric motor, which is supplied with energy from an externally (or in Charge mode) chargeable lithium-ion battery.

Thanks to this battery, the Passat GTE can cover a distance of up to 31 miles in all-electric mode and thus with zero emissions. At the press of a button next to the gear lever, the driver can also control the all-electric mode ("E-Mode") at will – for example, at the end of a drive when the destination is in a city.

A contrast to the "E-Mode" is offered by the mode "GTE", which is also accessible at the press of a button – in this mode, the Passat delivers a maximum system output of 160 kW / 218 PS; a wide variety of parameters such as the accelerator pedal and steering are also configured in a sportier way in this mode. The 1.4-litre TSI engine develops a power of 115 kW / 156 PS (as of 5,000 rpm); the electric motor produces 85 kW / 15 PS.

The maximum torque of the plug-in hybrid drive system is 400 Nm. Performance and power are deployed both efficiently and in an eco-friendly way: The NEDC consumption (for hybrid vehicles) is over 141 mpg and 13.0 kWh/100 km; these values equate to CO 2 emissions lower than 45 g/km. In combination with the TSI, this results in a driving range of over 620 miles with a full 50-litre fuel tank and fully charged battery – with it, the Passat GTE covers the route from Paris to London and back without refuelling.

The pioneering low power/fuel consumption and emission values contrast with a powerful driving performance: the Passat GTE, always with front-wheel drive and equipped as standard with a six-gear dual clutch gearbox especially developed for the hybrid drive, accelerates to 62 mph in less than 8.0 seconds and achieves a top speed of more than 136 mph; in "E-Mode," 80 mph.

The Passat GTE is an independent equipment line. On the one hand, its standard equipment includes many features also available in other models of the range, either as an option or without extra charge, depending on the equipment version: LED headlights, Driver Alert System, Automatic Post-Collision Braking system, Front Assist including City Emergency Braking function, rain sensor and ParkPilot. On the other hand, as a high-tech flagship, the Passat GTE features several unique elements and equipment upgrades which distinguish it from the rest of the range.

The owner of the new Passat GTE can make use of the "CAR-NET e-Remote" app, by which the charging of the battery, for instance, can be started via smartphone. Likewise, all climate control functions can be activated via the smartphone. In addition, information on the vehicle status, state of charge of the battery, recent driving data or last parking position can be queried. It is also possible to check whether the doors are closed and the lights turned off.

The new Passat GTE will be launched with the high resolution 6.5-inch display of the standard "Composition Media" infotainment system. Optional: the "Discover Media" (also with a 6.5-inch display) and "Discover Pro" (with an 8.0-inch display) radio-navigation systems. Both devices feature numerous additional functions in the Passat GTE. They include a "range monitor", an "energy flow indicator", "zero-emission statistics", "e-manager" and – when the optional navigation system is installed – the "360° range" feature.

September 2019

Latest Volkswagen Passat GTE Saloon and Estate Prices Announced:

Volkswagen Passat saloon – 2019 engines and specifications



0-62 mph

Fuel economy,
(WLTP min, max)

CO 2 g/km,


GTE saloon

1.4 TSI Hybrid 6spd-DSG


188.3 (217.9)

34 (29)


GTE Advance saloon

1.4 TSI Hybrid 6spd-DSG


176.6 (201.7)

36 (32)


GTE estate

1.4 TSI Hybrid 6spd-DSG


176.6 (201.7)

37 (33)


GTE Advance estate

1.4 TSI Hybrid 6spd-DSG


166.2 (176.6)

39 (35)


What does a Volkswagen Passat GTE (2015) cost?

Contract hire from £344.45 per month