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Volkswagen Golf SV (2014) At A Glance

Sharp exterior styling. Relaxed and comfortable to drive. More practical and spacious than the Golf hatchback.

Rival small people carriers are cheaper.

New prices start from £20,575
Insurance Groups are between 11–18
On average it achieves 80% of the official MPG figure

The previous Golf Plus was aptly named – it was very much a Golf, but with a bit more space. Its replacement, called the SV ('Sport Van' in Europe) offers more of the same. It's a solid, capable and spacious choice of family car, suited to buyers who need a bit more room than is offered by a traditional hatchback, but without going all the way to an estate or seven-seat MPV.

That does make the Golf SV something of a niche model, but it still has plenty of appeal. The sharp front-end is reminiscent of a Scirocco, while the rear is classy and neat – it’s much more attractive than its predecessor, with less dumpy and more upmarket styling.

The cabin has five-seats and the back row offers ample space, with plenty of knee and head room. The seats can be adjusted, meaning owners can balance leg room with load space. The boot has a 498-litre capacity, which is substantially more than the 380 litres available in a standard Golf, but someway short of the 605 litres you get in the Golf Estate.

The Golf SV is a perfectly quiet, civilised car to drive, with nicely weighted controls and excellent ride quality. It’s not the last word in driver enjoyment, but the handling is safe and predictable, while even the entry-level 85PS petrol engine offers enough performance for most. The engine range features four petrol engines and three diesel engines in total.

Standard equipment includes some niceties like DAB radio, Bluetooth and a colour infotainment system, along with air conditioning and all-around electric windows. Luxuries like adaptive cruise control and alloy wheels require an upgrade to SE trim, while parking sensors are only offered as standard on top GT models.

The Golf SV feels like a high quality car and it offers plenty of family-friendly versatility, but it occupies a curious niche. Something like a Citroen C3 Picasso offers similar practicality for less money, while a Renault Grand Scenic offers extra seats for not much more cash. That said, if you value the quality of a Volkswagen and need that little bit more practicality, it’s easy to recommend the Golf SV.   

Road Test Volkswagen Golf SV 2014

Looking for a Volkswagen Golf SV (2014 on)?
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Real MPG average for a Volkswagen Golf SV (2014)

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Is Dynamic Chassis Control on a Volkswagen Golf SV worth the money?
Is the DCC option on a Volkswagen Golf SV worth the money? I only would average 3500 to 4000 miles per year.
Probably not. The Golf SV rides well as standard. For most drivers, DCC would be an unnecessary expense.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Is it safe to swap the tyres on my car from front to back?
Is it safe to swap the tyres on my Golf SV, front to back? The front have about 4.5mm back about 6.5mm. My aim is to even out the wear before changing to Cross Climates. I have been advised by a tyre fitting firm that it is unsafe to do so because it would have an adverse effect in wet weather.
Yes. Same size tyres. Swap front to back same side, not diagonally.
Answered by Honest John
What family car is suitable for a dog and a new baby?
My daughter and son-in-law require a nearly new vehicle to accommodate a medium-size dog and a baby. They are badge conscious and have about £20,000 - £30,000 to spend. What would you recommend?
If it's an old dog, they need something with a low rear sill such as a Volkswagen Golf SV or Kia Carens. If it's a young dog that can jump a bit higher, then an SUV such as a Peugeot 3008, SEAT Ateca, Suzuki Vitara S, Kia Sportage GT 1.6T-GDI. They can now get a Volkswagen Tiguan with a petrol engine from £25,000. Then, of course, there's the part hatch, part SUV Audi A2. Always remember, however, that young dogs become old fairly rapidly
Answered by Honest John
Could you recommend me a car that's easy to get in and out of?
Joint problems mean I have incredible difficulty getting in and out of any seating. I love my 1995 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, it has only done 60,000 miles and runs like a rocket. But as I approach my 70th my son feels I should have a car that's easy for me to get in and out of. I can't afford new but a used model with low mileage would be considered. Can you please recommend a car with high seats for the comfort I require?
Think MPV rather than SUV because then you get both a high roof and a low floor. Hyundai ix20, Kia Venga, Citroen C3 Picasso, Ford B-Max. Or, bigger, a Volkswagen Golf SV.
Answered by Honest John

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