Renault Grand Modus (2008 – 2012) Review

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Renault Grand Modus (2008 – 2012) At A Glance


+Modus stretched 6-inches longer, so more spacious and handles better. 1.5DCI 86 the best engine and 119g/km so cheap tax.

-Expensive at list prices. Rear seat is heavy to fold.

Insurance Groups are between 6–13
On average it achieves 91% of the official MPG figure

I liked the original Modus a lot more than I had expected to. Cute, likeable, practical and a good drive summed it up.

Now Renault has stretched it six and a half inches, which doesn't read like much, but makes a much bigger difference.

Looking for a Renault Grand Modus (2008 - 2012)?
Register your interest for later or request to be contacted by a dealer to talk through your options now.

Real MPG average for a Renault Grand Modus (2008 – 2012)


Real MPG was created following thousands of readers telling us that their cars could not match the official figures.

Real MPG gives real world data from drivers like you to show how much fuel a vehicle really uses.

Average performance


Real MPG

28–71 mpg

MPGs submitted


Diesel or petrol? If you're unsure whether to go for a petrol or diesel (or even an electric model if it's available), then you need our Petrol or Diesel? calculator. It does the maths on petrols, diesels and electric cars to show which is best suited to you.

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I'm replacing my Renault Grand Modus soon - is it smart to stick with a diesel or swap to an electric car?
"I've owned a Renault Grand Modus for the last 7years. I Iike the car very much, but it's showing it's age. I have £7000 - £10,000 to spend on a used car and I have been offered £1000 for my Modus against a 2016 diesel Renault Scenic, £700 for a 2016 diesel Citroen C3 Picasso and £500-£700 against a 2013 Renault Zoe. I cannot decide which car to buy. My heart says go for the Renault Zoe for the environment, but with the Zoe, it would be the early models with a range of only 100 miles. On the other hand, I could stick to a diesel - which I'm used to. I would appreciate your advice in helping two old codgers (late 70's) who enjoy driving."
It depends on the mileage you do, really. If you mainly do short journeys around town and can charge at home, a Zoe would work a lot better than a diesel. It won't be as practical as the other cars you're looking at, though. I'd avoid a diesel unless you cover high motorway miles. As an alternative, I'd suggest a petrol Honda Jazz. It's very versatile, reliable and cheap to run.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Troublesome automatic gearbox on my Grand Modus
"I have an issue with automatic gear box on my Renault Grand Modus 1.6 (2008). Have driven autos for over 20 years, mainly Japanese cars so this is my first Renault. I find that the Modus drives more like a manual as you notice gear changes instead of it being a smooth experience. On my other car - Nissan Almera Tino 2.0 SE Auto (1998) - for example you wouldn't know at all when gears have changed. Have only had the Modus for 2 months, buying from an independent dealer Have had local Renault run diagnostics and pressure tests but no problems found. They say this is just how the Modus drives. Can you advise whether this is the case or suggest any other causes for this experience?"
The servo valve box that controls the gearchanges is probably getting tired. Talk to a member of
Answered by Honest John
Can you improve your fuel economy by changing your driving style?
"I suppose it's fair to say that all the EU fuel efficiency tests are carried out in the way described on the car fuel data glossary at - a rolling road, simulated drag, no gradients and no traffic - so the disparity between theory and actual could suggest that some manufacturers need to be named and shamed, if the difference is more than say 10 per cent. However, your under-performing correspondents could examine their own driving styles. I know by what amount I improved my mpg once the company car went and I had to pay for fuel myself, and it was achieved by engaging a bit more brain. Your own Honestjohn website does much to set the picture straight showing up some big discrepancies, not only from the manufacturer's claim but also from driver to driver within the same model and spec. For my part, I can't complain. We have a Renault Modus quickshift, and a Grand Modus manual, both with 1.5 Dci 86 engines. Renault claims 62.8 mpg and the records I keep vary from 60 to 65 mpg. That said, I don't need to drive in the rush hour and, except on unrestricted dual carriageways, try to keep below 2000rpm which is neither difficult nor embarrassing. Getting out of first gear sharpish helps too as is the aim to be in third by 20mph. My first car, a 100E Ford in the mid '60s, delivered 25mpg no matter how it was driven, and I see that our 1.3 Escort in the '80s gave 35, and our 1.25 Fiesta in the '90s was just able to do 45 mpg. Half a century of progress."
See . It now contains more than 30,000 inputs of real drivers' real mpg for 2500 cars. My BMW 320d EC is doing 73mpg on the meter and 64mpg brim to brim, which actually almost matches the EC test figure.
Answered by Honest John

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