Peugeot Bipper Tepee (2009–2018)

What's good

Good value for money.

What to watch out for

Did not arrive in UK until October 2009 because Peugeot could not get single piece lift up rear hatch until then, necessary for good rear vision. (Side hinged van rear doors are asymetrically split, leaving big blindspot RHD driver's side.)

Ride quality is a bit choppy.

Turkish build quality issues emerging. One reader reports: "Firstly the door mouldings started coming away within the first week. I've also had an inner wheel arch lining come away and need replacing, an electric window switch also needed replacing, constant rattling from the back door hinges which needed to be replaced and now after just having it serviced there is an oil leak on the crankshaft pulley which apparently is quite common and Citroen have had a few Nemos come back because of this, due the the lack of sealant around the seal at the manufacturing process."

11-11-2011: Report of repeated failure of engine mountings of diesel version.

29-6-2012: Front Suspension Top Bearing Failure becoming common on Qubos, Nemos and Bippers.

31-12-2012: 'Gong' sound means that car battery is failing to hold sufficient charge and needs to be replaced.

11-10-2013: Report that 2009 Peugeot Bipper failed MoT at 18,991 miles in 2012, needing new front brake discs and pads. Then in 2013 failed again at 25,924 miles because both front strut top bearingsd had partially seized. These parts took more than 14 days to arrive.

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