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Mitsubishi Shogun (2007 – 2019) At A Glance

A rugged hard-worker that can tow heavy loads without breaking sweat and conquer terrain that would faze nearly all of its rivals. A lot of car for the money.

Land Rover Discovery runs rings around it on the road for refinement and handling. Back seats of seven-seat LWB models are cramped.

Insurance Groups are between 29–35
On average it achieves 83% of the official MPG figure

This Mitsubishi Shogun may have been new for 2007 but it's based on a design that goes back to 1999, albeit much improved. It has a new body but the familiar shape remains as do the Shogun's strengths. It's still strong and robust, backing up Mitsubishi's reputation for build quality. It's certainly no 'soft roader' with a very old school approach to what a 4x4 should be.

Not only is it a solid vehicle but it's also very capable at doing what a 4x4 should be able to do - covering off road terrain.

The Shogun is aimed at those who need a true off road vehicle with a strong 3.2-litre diesel engine, short overhangs and good all round visibility. It also gets a centre differential lock and a low range transfer box for extreme conditions. Even on challenging off road tracks the Shogun feels unstoppable.

It's not as impressive on the road however with quite wallowy handling in corners and slow steering. It lacks refinement too with plenty of engine noise and a lot of wind noise at speed. That said it does have decent performance and is a surprisngly comfortable motorway cruiser while the five-speed automatic gearbox that most models get as standard makes the most of the engine's torque.

It's a practical 4x4 with both three and five-door models offered. The long wheelbase five-door model is the one most people go for and usefully it comes with seven seats with extra rear seats than fold into the floor, although they're really only good for younger children with limited space.

The Shogun certainly represents good value with starting prices of around £33,000 for five-door models, cheaper than rival 4x4s such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Volvo XC90. It also comes well equipped with all models getting climate control, heated front seats and 18-inch alloy wheels as standard.

Mitsubishi Shogun 2007 Road Test

Looking for a Mitsubishi Shogun (2007 - 2019)?
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Real MPG average for a Mitsubishi Shogun (2007 – 2019)

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Can you recommend an economical 4x4 for £3000?
The wife and I have decided to consolidate our cars. We have a sporty car for the summer but we now want a car that can be used for long journeys and can do some off-roading and hopefully we can camp in it. I can be flexible on the gearbox, and I would also go LPG but this may make camping in the back problematic due to the LPG tank. I have been looking at - Audi All Roads but the MPG is not great. Also looking at Nissan X-Trail and Qashqai - but the space in the back is poor. Our budget is £3000.
Any 4x4 of this price will be pretty old so you'll have to be prepared for high maintenance costs and potentially big fuel bills, too. A Mitsubishi Shogun could be a good choice. They're pretty tough, good off road and very practical. There are some rough ones about, though. Alternatively, how about a Honda CR-V? Not as practical as the Shogun nor as good off road, but they're pretty reliable and you'll get a newer one for the money.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Can you recommend a towing vehicle for a small budget?
I want to buy an SUV which tows at least 2-tonnes, it must be auto and ideally have 4WD as well. I tow a horse trailer which has a 1600 kg MAM and travel about 250 miles per week to work. But I only have about £4000-6500 to spend. I have looked at the Kia Sorento (would be about a 2004-2006 model with 80,000-100,000 miles at this price), Hyundai Santa Fe (can find slightly newer than the Sorento), also Tiguan, Shogun (possibly a bit too much for what I need), Land Cruiser (same as Shogun, but a lot pricier). I have avoided anything Land Rover due to reliability issues I have read about. Are there any you would recommend for this purpose in this price bracket, any you'd strongly avoid, or any I may have not considered? Thank you.
You're certainly thinking along the right lines - we'd be avoiding Land Rovers at this price, too, and the Kia Sorento/Hyundai Sante Fe/Mitsubishi Shogun/Toyota Land Cruiser all sound like more sensible options. Have you considered a SsangYong Korando? They're very popular with the towing fraternity due to their two-tonne towing capacity. You should be able to find a fairly tidy 2012 model within budget. We'd also recommend a Honda CR-V. Certain models can tow up to 2000kg. It should be a very reliable choice, too.
Answered by Andrew Brady
Can you recommend a budget-friendly, reliable, no frills 4x4?
We're looking for a second car. Something with no frills; a proper 4x4 (rural Highlands and Islands) with a raised driving position, reliable and preferably under £5000. We are considering an old Nissan X-Trail, Skoda Yeti, Mitsubishi Shogun and Suzuki Vitara. Would you recommend any of these or something different? Thank you.
You might find that second-hand Shoguns have led pretty hard lives and finding a good one can be difficult. Diesel X-Trails can be troublesome, while we've also had a lot of issues reported with Yetis. My money would go on a Suzuki Grand Vitara or Honda CR-V. Both ought to be very reliable choices. Also, consider a Dacia Duster if you're after a no-frills 4x4.
Answered by Andrew Brady
What 4x4 is best to replace our Mitsubishi L200?
We have £15,000 to replace our 2008 Mitsubishi L200. We need four wheel drive, an integral boot rather than truck body, seven seats, reliability and plenty of rugged boot space. My husband would love a Land Rover Discovery but i’m not keen in terms of reliability. What do you suggest?
I think you're right to avoid the Discovery on reliability grounds. A Mitsubishi Shogun would be a good choice - they're reliable and make an excellent workhorse, but they feel very old-fashioned - especially compared to a Discovery of the same era. The Kia Sorento might be worth looking at. They're practical and your budget will get you one still inside its original warranty. Also consider a Volvo XC90, but do your research first.
Answered by Andrew Brady

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