Review: Mitsubishi Colt (1992 – 1996)


Tidy looks and solidly screwed together. Cheap to buy these days. Generally reliable if looked after. Became a Proton.

Three doors only, which limits practicality, and not very roomy inside.

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1 September 1992 New mitsubishi Colt launched

Quite a pretty car that lived on as the Proton Compact when Mitsubishi restyled the Colt in 1996. 1,298cc 74 bhp; 1,597cc 111 bhp; 1,834cc twin-cam 138 bhp. Very well built. Read more

Mitsubishi Colt (1992 – 1996): At A Glance

What does a Mitsubishi Colt (1992 – 1996) cost?

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