MINI Convertible (2016–)

What's good

Loads of customisation options. 

Fun driving dynamics. 

Funky, well-made cabin. 

What to watch out for

Creaky roof over lumps and bumps.

Rear seats are useless for adults.

Gusty cabin with top down.

Very easy to crank the price up with options.

27-2-2016: First UK deliveries of 2016 MINI convertible delayed from early March for a "quality enhancement issue."

10-3-2016: "Quality enhancement issue" that delayed deliveries of new MINI convertible was a problem with the rear window. Early cars delivered to dealers have to have a new hood fitted. About a 2 week delay. Buyers offered a TLC package worth £450 free to compensate.

26-5-2019: Report of clutch warning light illuminating in 2016 MINI Cooper convertible a 19,000 miles. Diagnostic trsts showed clutcdh was ok and fault code was deleted. Then brake pad warning light illuminated. Car taken to official MINI centre who said clutch was slipping and investigation would cost £600; replacement of clutch £2,000. Owner's driving blamed.

11-11-2019: WARNING TO MINI OWNERS TO REGULARLY CHECK THEIR VEHICLE STATUS ON THE TOUCHSCREEN MENU. Report of parking brake probems with 2018 MINI Cooper S JCW convertible. At its recent service at the MINI dealership at 14,000 miles nothing was marked as needing attention and the brake pads all round were reported as 6mm. Less than 200 miles after the service owner started to hear a scraping noise when the brakes were applied. When dealer looked at the car he reported that the rear pads were worn down to the metal and had scored the discs. Both would need replacing; the front pads had an estimated 2,000 miles left in them. When owner pointed out that the brake pad warning light had not come on the dealer told him that the wear indicator was only on one side and that if he had checked the vehicle status on the dashboard computer it would have said the pads needed changing. Service manager assured owner that MINIs did wear their rear pads quite quickly and that having the wear indicator on only one side was not an inherent fault. Owner then had to waif for 2 weeks for the parts to arrive at the dealer.


24-11-2016: BMW TSB to replace crankshaft bearings on 1.5 litre 3-cylinder engines. 3 day job.

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