Mazda MX-5 (2015–)

What's good

Great to drive, with well-weighted controls and excellent feedback from the road to the driver, making even slow speed driving entertaining. 

Good level of equipment, particularly in mid-spec models.

Convertible roof is very easy to fold up or down one handed from the driver's seat.

Heater warms up very quickly.

Four star Euro NCAP rating. 84% adult occupant safety, 80% passenger safety, 93% pedestrian safety and 64% safety assist.

What to watch out for

Small inside, with limited storage space and a sometimes awkward boot.

No spare wheel.

Emissions are high for such a small, light car.

B-pillars of Mazda MX-5 RF severely restrict over the shoulder vision and, unlike the convertible top, they do not fold away.

6-8-2015: Delay in deliveries of UK market Mazda MX-2 2.0 litre models from September 2015 to the end of October 2015. Dealer explanation is that it's due to quality control issues for the 2.0. However, it could be due to Mazda trying to keep its corporate average CO2 level down to 130g/km for 2015 to prevent an EC fine. This would explain the emphasis on the 139g/km MX-5 1.5 and the delay in meeting orders for the 161g/km CO2 2.0 litre model.

15-11-2016: Report of a problem with the hood: The inner lining separates from the exterior over the back window causing the inner to drop down and obscure the rear vision. Mazda knows about the issue and dealers fit two bulky metal clips but they put tension of the fabric and in time will wear through.

12-12-2016: Development on convertible hood problem. Owner told hood had to be replaced because it fouls the headrests when raised and lowered and the fabric is being worn through. He said he had already had to replace two hoods for this reason. Was told Mazda has had to redesign the frame. Owner wasn't happy and asdked for a deal on a replacement car. Mazda UK and the dealer declined this other than at list and book prices (£6,000 to change on a one year old car with 5,000 miles) all because of a design defect.

23-3-2017: Report of loss of power and fuel consumption issues of Mazda MX-5 1.5 prior to its first service.

8-1-2018: Report of handling problem with Mazda MX-5 2.0 SKYACTIV-G Start/Stop Sport Nav manual roadster, bought summer 2017, pre-reg, with 170 miles. The handling got progressively worse and owner took it back to the dealership for investigation a few days before six months since purchase at 3,300 miles. Investigation showed the rear differential had failed and it has been replaced under warranty. A separate issue of a rusting rear brake disk was also dealt with under warranty (both disks skimmed) and assumed to be linked to the failed differential. However, handling issues remain, albeit slightly reduced, and a comparison drive with an identical vehicle from the dealer showed that there is still something wrong with the car. Might be the wrong diff (non LSD from a 1.5 rather than a 2.0), might be alignment, might be tyres.

29-5-2019: Report of satnav failure and failure of passenger electric window in a 2016 Mazda MX-5 Sport.

3-9-2019: Report of noisy diff on 2016 Mazda MX-5 bought at 2 years old from Mazda dealer. Noise was not getting any worse so owner left it and did not report it until the car's next service. Took 4 visits to Mazda dealer before they would acknowledge any problem and by then the warranty had expired. Owner had complained to Mazda itself and Mazda agreed to pay 90%n of parts and labout leaving owner to fund £170.

11-9-2019: Report of failure of a/c on much loved 2016 Mazda MX-5 at 12,000 miles caused by corroded and leaking pipe. Out of warranty but Mazda met 90% of the cost. Later, water sloshing abour somewhere behind the dash. We thought possibly the a/c matrix which is behind the dash and a £600 job to remove and replace. Happily Mazda again agreed to pay 90% of the cost.

7-10-2019: Complaint that folding the soft top of a May 2019 Mazda MX-5 single-handedlyh resulted in a hole in the top where it rubs along the roll hoop when folding. Mazda dealer replaced it FoC but told owner he would not replace it FoC again. Needs to be folded more carefully than on previous model MX-5s.


09-10-2018: Control logic may fail to divert electrical power away from capacitor, which may cause DCDC converter to overheat and catch fire. Dealers will reprogram the PCM with the correct control logic. If error code “U3000: 49-DCDC” is stored – the DCDC Converter must also be replaced.

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