Mazda 5 (2010–2015)

What's good

Sliding side doors make it great in tight spaces.

Ideal family car that's also good to drive.

Usual Mazda reliability and build quality.

What to watch out for

Electric operation of sliding rear side doors only available on the Sport version that comes on 18" wheels and does not ride and handle anything like as well as the TS2 on 16" wheels with 205/55 R16 Toyo J48s.

No built in satnav for UK models.

11-3-2014: Phantom fault with 2012/62 Mazda 5 1.6D Venture. Engine cuts out in fast traffic and TCS/DSC light comes on. Disabling the TCS/DSC before a journey does not help. May be caused by a disparity in tyre circumference. Also suggested contacting

18-6-2014: Stress cracks across the windscreens are because the edges of the glass are exposed at the screen pillars where they are vulnerable to stone chips. These then turn into cracks right across the screen. The same thing is happening with Mazda CX-5s.

6-1-2015: Faults emerging on post 2010 Mazda 5 include: failed front n/s damper on 35k 2011 Mazda 5 1.6D on 17" wheels, failed handbrake on n/s rear, mysterious brake fluid leak on same wheel a few weeks later. Dealer told reader, "they all do that"

30-7-2016: 2012/62 reg Mazda 5 1.6D suffered six sudden loss of power breakdowns in 2014. The only clue was the DSC/TCS light on the dashboard. The car was with the supplying Mazda dealer for weeks as they had no idea of the cause. Eventually they replaced an injector under existing warranty. (Same injector problem that afflicts Fords, Citroens, Peugeots and Volvos with the same engine). Now the same problem has caused another breakdown three weeks ago and the car is back with a Mazda dealer, who say that it is an injector problem again, but it is out of warranty and will cost an estimated £800 as they will also need to renew the oil and filter.


31/5/2017: R/2017/163: Mazda3 (BL), Mazda5 (CW), Mazda6 (GH) Mazda6 Est (GH & GJ), Mazda CX-3 (DK) and Mazda CX-5 (KE): TAILGATE MAY DROP DOWN WITHOUT WARNING. Water may penetrate the tailgate strut cylinder. This may cause corrosion which may affect the strut's attachment. Fix: Replace both tailgate struts on affected vehicles. Mazda statement: "During routine quality checks it has been found that the rustproof coating on the tailgate support struts, one found on each side of the tailgate, on a number of Mazda vehicles may be insufficient. The resultant corrosion could ultimately cause the struts to break during operation of the tailgate causing it to drop suddenly, leading to potential injury". Repairs are supposed to take around an hour, it's free of charge, and the usual take care until the repair has been completed. VINs: JMZCW******100041 to JMZCW******159564; JMZGH******102007 to JMZGH******509238; JMZBL******100118 to JMZBL******575554; JMZGH******116434 to JMZGJ******345447; JMZDK******100043 to JMZDK******143515; JMZKE******100107 to JMZKE******482452. Build dates: 16-6-2010 to 1-4-2015.

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