Jaguar XF Sportbrake (2012–2015)

What's good

XF 3.0D Sportbrake Portfolio won £41k - £51k category in 2014 Caravan Club Towcar of the Year Awards.

What to watch out for

16-08-2012: Brake shudder seems to be a common issue. Reported by David on 31-7-2012, and confirmed by Jaguar forums: and

11-10-2012: Flywheel problem resulted in total engine failure on an 18 month old diesel 'S'. Engine replaced under warranty.

14-11-2012: Reports of bonnet airbags being triggered by speed humps and costing £3k to fix.

1-12-2012: With 3.0 diesels, starting and other problems are likely to occur if using diesel with more than 7% bio content. Jaguar standard advice is to avoid 20% biodiesel.

22-2-2013: Drivers doorlocks seem to freeze open in cold weather.

1-1-2014: Since Ford's patent of 'Quickclear' windscreens ran out, Jaguar has been obtaining equivalent screens from a different source and the wiring in them scrambles the signals between satellites and any GPS devices used in the car.

30-4-2014: The driver's handbook of Jaguar XF Sportbrakes contains a warning that the car has seven transmitters and these may interfere with surgically implanted devices in people, such as heart pacemakers.

24-7-2014: 2012 Jaguar XF Sportbrake least reliable new luxury car in 2014 Which? Car Survey with reliability rating of 85.7%.

11-3-2017: Feedback that clunk from rear of 2012 - 2015 XF Sportbrakes caused by fuel slap in the fuel tank and cured by fitting a baffle in the tank. The problem was only heard when the tank was nearly full under sharp braking and coming to rest. Owners suspects the tank was actually moving slightly causing the clunk, but in any case the baffle dissipated the inertia of the fuel resolving it. How many vehicles had been built before realising this?? At its 1 st MoT (at 18k miles) it was failed on cracked sidewalls of the Dunlop tyres, replaced foc by Jaguar.

18-1-2018: Reader bought January 2014 Jaguar XF 2.2d Sportbrake auto with 26k miles on 18th December. Broke down on a steep incline with small akin to a slipping clutch.

20-3-2018: Report of bonnet of 64 reg Jaxuar XF Sportbrake, purchased used from a Jaguar dealer on 8th February, popping open on traversing a pothole on 19th February and being flung back against the windscreen of the car. We suspect that the the pedestrian protection function of the bonnet had been triggered at some time in the past for a similar reason and, instead of being properly repaired, the catch had simply been bodged. All liability rests with the Jaguar dealer who sold the car. (See XF 2008 entry 14-11-2012)

2-5-2018: Report that crankshaft failures of Ford of Dagenham built AJD-V6 diesel engines would not be covered by a JLR extended warranty because under Clause 11: "Design Faults and Recalls: Any damage to parts, which are being recalled by the vehicle’s manufacturer or which have inherent design faults are not covered by this Warranty."

6-5-2018: Owner of 70k mile Jaguar XF 2.2d Sportbrake with 8-speed ZF transmission quoted £820 for a transmission fluid change by an independent garage because the fluid is £40 a litre, it needs 9 litres, it needs a ZF kit to do the job, and requires 2 hours labour.

31-5-2018: Report of door latch and cable failing on 2014 Jaguar XF Sportbrake just out of warranty so owner had to pay.

26-6-2018: Report of local jetwash stripping clearcoat in patches around stonechips on a 2015 Jaguar XF Sportbrake.

22-11-2019: Report of significant wear on the inner pads and scoring on the inside face of the discs on a 2013 Jaguar XF 2.2d Sportbrake. Outer pads and disc faces were fine. Independently owner told that it was likely there was a fault with the calipers but the dealer said no and he ended up paying nearly £500 for replacements. 12 months and 13,000 miles later he had the same problem. Most of his driving is motorway and he is light on the brakes.


15-12-2014: warns of a USA recall of 2015MY LHD Jaguar XFs built 3-9-2014 and 12-9-2014 because the front end accessory drive (FEAD) belt, power steering (PAS) pump pulley and/or battery positive cable at the alternator may detach. If the battery positive cable loosens, an electrical short may result, increasing the risk of a fire. If the FEAD belt looses or detaches, the vehicle may lose power assisted steering, increasing the risk of a crash. Dealers will inspect the affected engine mounted components for the proper threading and torque, correcting them as necessary, free of charge. This recall has already begun.

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