Hyundai i30 Tourer (2012–2017)

Model History

February 2012

Estate version of i30 revealed

The Hyundai i30 Tourer uses the same engines and running gear as the hatchback, but offers a larger boot thanks to its increased length. With the seats up, cargo capacity is 528-litres, more than the Ford Focus Estate (476-litres), Volkswagen Golf Estate (505-litres) and Vauxhall Astra (500-litres), three of its biggest rivals. Folding the seats increases load space to 1642-litres and the rear hatch opens to bumper level, meaning there’s no lip over which to lift heavy objects.

As with the rest of the range, the i30 Tourer will be offered with a five-year Triple Care warranty, which includes roadside assistance and health checks. Prices from around £16,000. On sale in UK from Summer 2012.

As with the five-door variant, the front is distinguished by Hyundai’s hexagon-shaped grille and jewel-like headlamps, but from the B-pillar backwards the wagon differs significantly. The roofline extends rearwards over the flexible passenger/cargo area, sloping to add dynamism to the car’s stance in keeping with the fluidic sculpture ethos of a stationary car appearing to be in motion.

Further enhancing the wagon’s dynamic appearance, a pronounced swage line runs horizontally along the sides of the body and rises all the way to the rear lights. The rear windscreen wraps around the D-pillars, increasing interior luminosity and benefiting visibility. The deep tailgate gives the car a clean look and opens to bumper-level for easy loading.

Buyers of the New Generation i30 wagon will benefit from Five Year Triple Care, comprising a five-year unlimited warranty, five years’ roadside assistance, and five years of vehicle health checks.

March 2012

Hyundai suggest that the i30 may get a new turbocharged 1.2 T-GDI Kappa engine. This unit is not yet confirmed for application in a production vehicle, but would be well suited to a B / C segment car. Key facts: Displacement 1248cc 4-cylinder, T-GDI, DOHC 16v Direct injection CO2 emissions less than 110 g/km.

What does a Hyundai i30 Tourer (2012 – 2017) cost?

List Price from £17,360
Buy new from £14,269
Contract hire from £173.40 per month