Honda Civic Type R (2007–2012)

Model History

July 2006

Type R of 2006 Civic. 3-dr body. 201PS at 7,800rpm from chain-cam 2.0 litre naturally aspirated i-VTEC. 18" wheels with 225/40 R18 tyres. GT version with added spec. Shown London Motor Show July 2006. Eagerly anticipated. On sale from February 2007 at £17,600 for standard car and £18,600 for GT with a/c, etc. Better to drive than the old Type R.

January 2009

From January 2009, just 500 Type Rs in Championship White with white alloy wheels, smoked chrome trim and limited slip diff, priced at £20,140 or £21,540 with satnav. You can feel the diff working turning into fast corners.

July 2009

MUGEN EURO Co., Ltd has confirmed the development of a highly-tuned Honda Civic Type R 'MUGEN' concept prototype road car, using the same powertrain as the Civic MUGEN RR saloon launched in 2007 in Japan. The car is being developed in Japan by MUGEN EURO – the Northampton-based subsidiary of Honda’s long standing tuning partner MUGEN – and will be brought to the UK for testing later in the year.

At this stage, the car is being prepared purely as a prototype model. To enhance the performance of the Civic Type R, MUGEN EURO will tune Honda’s 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine to produce more power and torque, as well as developing the brakes, exhaust and suspension. Externally, the Type R takes on a more aggressive appearance, with a new aerodynamic package including a larger rear boot spoiler. There are currently no plans for a production model.

What does a Honda Civic Type R (2007 – 2012) cost?

Contract hire from £408.52 per month