Ford B-MAX (2012–2017)

What's good

Very clever design with wide opening doors makes it ideal as a motability or family car.

Club for owners of all Fords, old and new:

Ford B-MAX awarded five star Euro NCAP safety rating. It scored a 92% adult occupant rating, an 84% child occupant rating, a pedestrian rating of 67% and a safety assist rating of 71%.

B-MAX 1.0 Ecoboost with 5-speed manual transmissions does not have Dual Mass Flywheels.

What to watch out for

Only the Studio is cheap - the rest of the range is pricey.

Heavy rear doors.

Cluttered centre stack.

Powershift dual clutch automatic transmission requires fresh fluid every three years at a cost of £250.

A paraplegic ( with a spinal injury at L2 ) has complained that though the pillarless sliding door affords easy loading of a wheelchair, it is impossible to close the door from the driver's seat.

Production ended September 2017.

28-12-2012: Report of water leak into offside load area. Caused by failure to fit waterproof gaskets to hatchback hinges in production.

22-2-2013: Report of failure of front and rear heated screens on a number of B-MAX. Seems that the battery needs to be fully charged for them to function, so if the car is repeatedly used for short runs there is not enough charge for them to work. Another theory is that the batteries were duff to start with because a lot of B-MAX have been failing their PDIs for this fault.

8-11-2013: Software update now available to cure problem with a/c EATC system and stop/start system. (See Recalls).

27-3-2014: Ford B-MAX 1.6 Powershift auto reported to revert to limp home mode four times, but diagnosis fails to show cause.

25-6-2015: Juddering reported from drivetrain of 10k mile 'ex-demo' B-MAX Powershift purchased April 2015. Local Ford dealer made three attempts to sort out the juddering in the transmission and has now ordered a replacement clutch pack and oil seal from Ford, which has a backlog for these components.

28-6-2015: Another case of juddering from drivetrain of a B-MAX Powershift auto, this one a 2013 with 8,500 miles. Still running, but still juddering, and replacement parts unavailable.

29-10-2015: Battery draindown on B-MAX found to be caused by moisture ingress to rear parking sensors.

16-11-2015: Another juddering Powershift clutch reported on a 22,000 mile B-MAX 1.6 auto. New clutch pack fitted in November 2014 under warranty. Now in November 2015 the juddering has started again and the dealer won't replaced FoC because the car is out of warranty. Car had been returned to dealer 7 times in its life for the same fault. See also Fiesta and Focus entries for more of the same problem.

14-12-2015: Another Juddering Powershift clutch reported on 2014 B-MAX Titanium. Clutch pack replaced at 5,000 miles. Juddering again at 23 months old and 10,000 miles. Ford and Getrag have not yet solved this problem.

7-1-2016: Juddering Powershift transmission of B-MAX led to car with Ford dealer for 8 weeks. They claimed problem solved by replacing Transmission Control Module. Within 24 hours the juddering returned.

25-1-2016: Reader saw Ford internal memo to its dealerships stating there is a problem with the Powershift Transmission on B-MAX cars built in Craiova between 13/01/12 and 26/06/15, as there is with the same transmission on EcoSport, Fiesta and Focus models. Tends to indicate that production from July 2015 were fixed. His B-Max Powershift had been in dealerships 7 times over 19 months without a solution from Ford. He had been without his car for 68 days over this time.

11-2-2016: Powershift transmission of 2013 B-MAX 1.6 petrol developed judder. Fixed under warranty by new clutch pack and software upgrade. Unconfirmed rumour of Ford offering a warranty extension on Powershifts.

10-5-2016: Report of clutch pedal of 2013 Ford B-MAX 1.0 Ecoboost 120 becoming stiff at 13,100 miles. Originally thought due to a failing clutch slave cylinder. Turned out to be worn plates. Ford recognised problem with pressure plate. Removed bits showed signs of excessive heat and the friction plate was completely worn and about to result in total failure. Apparently there have been several similar failures and an engineering change made to the pressure plate.

7-9-2016: Report of 16k mile 2015 Ford B-MAX 1.0 EcoBoost 120 losing coolant. Dealer diagnosed a leak "at the back of the engine" and said it was a "strip-down job" requiring special tooling and 2 days work. 4 days later, car was fixed. Suspect something to do with the water cooling of the turbo.

16-10-2016: Further report of juddering Powershift transmission, this time on a 2014 Ford B-MAX. The dry clutch pack was replaced in Fecember 2015, but it continues to judder and jerk. A further software update did not cure this.

5-11-2016: Report that 2013 Ford B-MAX Powershift has needed third clutch pack in 3 years.

27-3-2017: Report of 2014 Ford B-MAX at 10,500 miles failing to start. Dealer said it needed a new battery and wanted to charge an immense £208. Reason might be same draindown due to moisture ingress to parking sensors as 29-10-2015.

17-6-2017: Report of January 2014 Ford B-MAX needing first new Powerhift clutch pack on 5-4-2016, then second on 12-7-2017.

15-7-2017: Another report of judder from transmission of a B-MAX Powershift, this time a 2016.

18-7-2017: When juddering problems is reported together with surging when slowing down there is now a 3 stage cure for Powershifts. Firstly re-set the ECU, which apparently corrects about 30% of the cars. The next stage is to replace the dry clutch pack and alsp replace the transmission fluid. As long as the fluid has been replaced at 3 yearly intervals, Ford now warrants Powershifts for 5 years.

9-8-2017: Report of "terrible clutch judder' from 2014 Ford B-Max Powershift just out of 3 year warranty. Dealer put in a claim to Ford and owner entered into prolonged dialog with Ford Customer Service rep (who was very efficient ) and the dealership (which was very inefficient ). Dealer service manager thought owner might get 50% off the cost of a new clutch pack if he was lucky. Owner quoted HJ in Telegraph and Ford paid whole amount which would have been £1,200 to the customer. Subsequently smooth for the next year.

15-9-2017: Common for the 17-inch alloy wheels with 205/45 R17 88V tyres to suffer damage to the rims, which may have been patched up on a second hand example.

24-9-2017: Report of transmission malfunction warning light coming on in Ford B-MAX Powershift. Likely to need a new clutch pack, now under 5 year warranty.

28-9-2017: Another report of judder at 10mph from powertrain of Ford B-MAX 1.6 with Getrag Powershift.

18-10-2017: Report of corrosion of wiring loom running under the engine of a 2014 Ford B-MAX, out of warranty. This wiring loom powers all the internal electrics? Owner complains of anomalous behaviour of various controls - steering wheel radio buttons, window buttons, etc. Ford dealer has said the wireing loom has experienced long-term corrosion which is now even stopping the ignition from starting properly. Ford dealer said that eplacement will require removing the engine, replacing the wires and then reseating the engine, so wants approx £1,000 to pay for the work involved.

22-1-2018: Another report of a juddering Powershift in a Ford B-MAX 14,000 miles since getting a replacement clutch pack. Owners can make dry clutch Powershifts last longer by always shifting from D to N when stuck in traffic. Sitting in D with the brakes on is the main reason why the clutch packs fail.

21-3-2018: Report of regularly Ford serviced 2015 Ford B-MAX 1.0 Ecoboost sent to dealer at 25,000 miles because temp. gauge not getting up to operating temp. (Car 3 years + 2 weeks old.) Ford deaer phoned owner to tell him it needed a new engine. Most of cost would be met by Ford but he had to pay £1,500. Might be that it had lost coolant from a failed degas pipe.

2-4-2018: Report of clutch pack starting to judder on 2014 Ford B-Max 1.6 Powershift.

25-5-2018: Report of Ford B-Max Powershift needing new clutch pack at 25,000 miles.

20-7-2018: Report of juddering from drivetrain of 2015 Ford B-Max Powershift. Garage blamed injectors but we knopw the most likely reason is a failing clutch pack.

28-7-2018: Report of judderig from drivetrain of used, 7,000 mile 2015 Ford B-Max Powershift. Happens 3 times out of 5 when driver wants to accelerate. Failing Powershift dry clutch pack.

18-8-2018: Report of clutch pack of 2012/62 Ford B-Max failing 3 times under warranty. Dealer told owner clutch pack had been replaced. Out of warranty at 33k miles failed agsain. Independent specialist told owner that clutch pack had never, in fact, been replaced.

19-8-2018: Report of juddering Powershift automatic transmission, mainly when pulling away from low speed, in 2016 Ford B-Max 1.6 TI-VCT 105 ever since buying the car in June 2016. Owner told that unless dealer can replicate the fault when they drive it nothing can be done. "The car has been into the Ford dealer several times so that they can do this but I am told that the car does not do this for them and until they can replicate the fault they do not know what the solution is."

1-9-2018: Report that 2013 Ford B-Max 1.0 EcoBoost 120 needed new front wheel bearings at 35,000 miles.

11-9-2018: Report of problems with 2012 Ford B-Max 1.0 Ecoboost: Started in November 2017 when a warning light came on. Garage replaced mass air pressure sensor and mapp sensor but the light stayed on. Eventually owner took the car to the local Ford Dealer who replaced the fuel vapouriser vacuum tube. Owner told that if this did not solve the problem then the turbo would need replacing. A couple of times since then when going up a hill the car seems to struggle.

1-10-2018: Ford announced that it will be fitting new 1.0 Ecoboost engines to the 1,000 out-of-warranty Fiesta, Focus and Tourneo Connect models the company had previously refused to re-engine when the engines failed due to loss of coolant (some cars for a 2nd time). 600,000 1.0 EcoBoosts have been produced. 44,000 have had their turbo-to-expansion tank degas pipes replaced as a TSB 'service action'. But 2,000 suffered actual engine failure. Of these, 1,000 have had their engines replaced free of charge, but the other 1,000 had not. Ford rectified this situation on 1-10-2018. Ford's website carries details to encourage outstanding owners who have experienced an issue to get in touch ( ). With any future cases, subject to being assessed and linked to potential 1.0-litre engine overheating, Ford will contribute 100% of the cost of repair at a Ford dealer. Furthermore, we will re-examine previous cases to ensure that this policy of a 100% contribution to the repair cost is applied consistently. UK owners should contact Ford by emailing with vehicle registration number. It will take time to re-examine previous cases thoroughly, but Ford will respond to all correspondence.

13-10-2018: Report pf Powershift failure in 2014/64 Ex-Motability B-Max, possibly brought on by sitting on the brakes in gear in traffic.

22-11-2018: Report of alloy wheels of 2015 Ford B-Max corroding around the stems of the TMPS valves, letting out air. Ford offered £268.44 contribution towards the overall cost of £776.52 as goodwill.

15-12-2018: Judder reported from Powershift transmission of 2015 Ford B-Max at 9,000 miles.

30-4-2019: Report of 20,000 mile 2016 Ford B-Max bought 9 weeks previously needing a replacement Powershift transmission.

31-5-2019: Report of failure of Powershift transmission of used Ford B-Max. The transmission failed within days of buying the car and then immediately after its first repair. Owner rejected the car, but this was turned down, bizzarely, on the basis that there was no proof that the faults were present at point of sale.

9-6-2019: Report of clutch pack of 2015 Ford B-Max 1.6 TI-VCT 105 Powershift starting to judder. Owner was informed by Ford dealer that Ford's extended 5 year warranty on the dry clutch Powershift is for the transmission itself, not the clutch pack, and that they must pay £1,400 for the clutch pack to be replaced.

2-7-2019: Report of Ford dealer refusing warranty claim on shuddering Powershift transmission of 2015 Ford B-Max at 35,000 miles. Dealer quoted £1,400 to replace the clutch pack. Had a software update and dealer said if it still shudders it will need a new clutch pack at the owner's expense.

10-7-2019: Report of revs not dropping when braking B-Max 1.6 TI-VCT 105 Powershift.

19-7-2019: Report of leaking air from tyres of 2016 Ford B-Max setting off TMPS alarms. Two TPMS valve sensors have already been replaced.

21-7-2019: Report of failure of 6-speed dry clutch Getrag Powershift transmission of 2012 Ford B-Max.

24-7-2019: Report of failed heated matrix on 2015/65 Ford B-Max 1.5TDCI. Quoted "at least 5 hours labour" to remove and replace the matrix due to the amount of dashboard dismantling involved.


Ford Recalls by VIN: Ford Recalls

24-7-2013: TSB6370 Start/Stop system not working as expected according to temperature control, EATC only. If a customer complains about the above concern the cause is most probably related to the Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) system. Within manual modes (manual blower or A/C off) the EATC logic inhibits the stop functionality of the Start/Stop system. A software update will become available to change this logic. Start/Stop should work if EATC is completely off, if not the root cause is something else. Start/Stop does currently not work with temp set to LO/HI or when the in-car temperature is higher than the set temperature on the EATC. Please inform the customer about the possible setting to get Start/ Stop working in warm weather (Temp Set to 20°C, Automatic mode on with A/C on). (This problem was still not effectively resolved by 3-9-2013.)

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