Review: Citroen Xsara (1997 – 2004)


Enjoyable to drive, with good handling and a smooth, pliant ride. Roomy estates better than five-door hatchbacks. The 167bhp coupe is seriously quick.

Bland looks. Spare wheel vulnerable to theft. Clutch problems on HDI models.

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20 November 2000

1,314 Xsara diesels built in 1999/2000 recalled due to possibility of failure of brake vacuum pump dog drive leading to loss of power assistance to brakes. Drive dog to be replaced on all Xsara diesels... Read more

25 September 2000

3,648 Xsaras built 7/2000 - 9/2000 recalled because front suspension ball joint clamp bolt hold may have been incorrectly machined leading to disengagement of the ball joint. Pivots replaced of necessary.... Read more

1 September 2000 Major facelift

Major facelift in autumn 2000 made it much better looking, but slightly reminiscent of defunct Ford Scorpio. New 110 bhp 1.6 16v engine replaced old 1.6 and 1.8. SX with a/c and abs costs £11,995... Read more

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Why will my Citroen Xsara not rev properly?

Do you have any advice as to why my Citroen Xsara 1.4 petrol won’t rev properly? I’ve changed the throttle body and added fuel treatment. It runs and drives but it just won’t give a full rev as if it’s not getting enough fuel and sounds rough?
There is a known fault on some cars of a faulty ignition coil which in turn causes the failure of the ECU (these are models with SL96-1 or SL96 -9 ECUs). This then results in poor driveability so you may want to check this out. Over and above that we would check all air intake/vacuum system for any signs of leaks. Also, has the fuel filter been changed in line with service requirements?
Answered by Alan Ross
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