Citroen C4 Picasso (2007 – 2013) Review

Citroen C4 Picasso (2007 – 2013) At A Glance


+Versatile five-seat cabin with a 500-litre boot, plenty of clever touches inside, easy to fold rear seats, comfortable ride, decent value for money.

-5-seater looks are ungainly. Seven-seat Grand C4 Picasso makes more sense, EGS gearbox is poor, doesn't as drive as well as alternatives like the Ford C-MAX. Serious problems developing with EGS gearbox.

Insurance Groups are between 13–19
On average it achieves 91% of the official MPG figure

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24–59 mpg

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The airbag warning light is on in my 2007 Citroen C4 Picasso - how do I fix this?
"The airbag warning light, along with an audible alarm, is constantly on in my 2007 Citroen C4 Picasso. How do I fix this? "
It's usually the connector for the occupancy sensor in the passenger seat. But if you can't fix it yourself, call in:
Answered by Honest John
A dealer manually cleared fault codes from a faulty car I purchased - does he now have to accept my refund request?
"I purchased a 2007 Citroen C4 Picasso on December 1 2017. I quickly found the car would judder, hesitate on pulling away and cut out on me. I informed the garage of this, and they said that was normal for an automatic. Two weeks after purchase I had a black box fitted for my insurance, this showed up three fault codes (P0115, P0170, P0171). I had a mechanic look at the car and he said there was no water in the header tank, he filled it up and said to contact the garage I had purchased it from. I let the garage know, they collected the car and kept it for a week. They returned the car and said there was no fault codes, I got my insurance company to check the black box and they said the faults were still there. Fast forward a week and another code showed up (P0597). I contacted my insurance to check on the other codes and they confirmed the codes were still on the car but the garage had manually removed them, leaving me with a faulty car - I have a report to confirm this. So, I then emailed the company to reject the car and request a refund. They said they wanted the car back to have a look, I declined explaining the above to them, they declined to comment on the removal of the codes and said they would not refund but would repair or replace. Again I have declined and insisted on a refund. I have all the emails and sent letters by recorded delivery, outlining my intentions to take this to court, I am currently waiting on a reply. The SOGA is very clear on this matter so I'm confused as to why the garage is declining my request."
You can't reject the car while retaining possession of it. So send a letter to the dealer formally rejecting it and stating your willingness to deliver it to back him. State that if he does not accept this within 14 days you will institute Small Claims proceedings against him for full return of the amount you paid. Send this by Post Office Special Delivery, keep a copy and staple the certificate of posting to the copy so it becomes a matter of record. Law here: Small Claims link here: If you get a Small Claims ruling in your favour, immediately pay for a High Court Sheriff's Enforcement Order and just hope that the dealer has some assets that can be seized.
Answered by Honest John
Need a used car that will carry three rear child seats
"What's the best vehicle to buy which can accommodate three rear child seats and cope with 25,000 miles per year? Would be happy to consider a used vehicle and it would be nice to have something that could munch up the motorway miles. I have £8000 to spend, but could stretch to more for the right car."
It depends which child seats. Some are ridiculously wide and three will not fit across the back of anything. But if they are a sensible size your answer is probably a Ford S-Max 2.0TDCI. But you won't get much of one for £8k. Will have already done 100k miles whether it says so on the speedo or not. Smaller, maybe an old shape Citroen C4 Picasso if you can stand to look at the thing. More robust with the 2.0HDI engine and manual transmission. The other way is to buy a three in one child seat. Quite expensive, but not as expensive as switching cars:
Answered by Honest John
Why are wiring problems not covered by extended warranty ?
"Four months ago I bought a second hand Citroen C4 Picasso automatic from a local dealer. I also paid to extend the warranty for 12 months. Within a month, the car broke down and was recovered and taken to the garage recommended by the dealer. They diagnosed a faulty lead to one of the injectors and repaired it. However, I was forced to pay as the warranty excludes wiring. This week the fault reoccurred while I was 100 miles away in Shropshire. A garage there carried out another repair on the injector lead for which I had to pay again but the car broke down again 20 miles into the journey home. The car was recovered to my home address but the breakdown service under the warranty say they will not recover it again for the same fault. Have I any claim on the dealer as even if it is repaired again as I am already £400 out of pocket and don't feel confident that the fault will not recur and leave me stranded. "
Yes, your claim for all of this is against the dealer who remains liable for any fault that could have been present or developing on date of sale for six months from the date of sale. See:
Answered by Honest John
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