Review: BMW M2 (2016)


Proper M version of M235i, thoroughly re-worked with 370HP, 500Nm torque, 186mph top speed, 0-60 in 4.2 with M DCT and 29mpg. Safe, handling with prodigious rear end grip in Comfort and Sport modes.

Tyre roar on UK roads. Limited to 155mph in UK. DCT brake pedal too far to the right.

BMW M2 (2016): At A Glance

Blue touchpaper version of already quick M235i.

Instead of 326PS you get 370PS. 0-60 in 4.2 from the M DCT and 4.4 from the manual 6 speed. 0-100 in under 10 seconds and a top speed of 186mph, limited to 155mph for M2s sold outside Germany.

Very competently reworked and more trustworthy than M235i at the back due to huge 265/35 ZR19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport rear tyres on 10-inch wide rims.

M Drive lets you switch from Comfort to Sport, which tightens things up and holds the gears longer, then to Sport Plus that switches off the electronic aids and allows you to burn tyres and drift luridly if you feel so inclined.

Decent satnav controlled by the i Drive comes as standard. Not as easy to use as Honda's latest Garmin system, but still very good.

BMW M2 1,452 Mile Road Trip Malaga to the UK via Siguenza

What does a BMW M2 (2016) cost?

List Price from £38,755
Buy new from £31,722
Contract hire from £293.99 per month

BMW M2 (2016): What's It Like Inside?

Length 4461–4468 mm
Width 1984–1990 mm
Height 1410 mm
Wheelbase 2690 mm

Full specifications

The BMW M2 is a genuine 4 seater in which someone 5' 8" can very comfortably sit behind someone else the same height, though it wouldn't be as comfortable for 6 footers.

The trunk holds 390 litres so is big enough for four people's luggage.

The front seats are very comfortable and muti-adjustable, depending on which boxes you tick on the options list. They can have electric adjustment of seat height, backrest, fore and aft position and tilt for both front seats with two memory positions for driver's seat. This option includes automatic dipping parking function of nearside mirror and costs £650. Driver and passenger electrically adjustable lumbar support costs an extra £230. While heated front seats are an extra £295.

The standard rear seats fold 60/40, but you can also specify a through loading system that splits the back seatrest 40/20/40 and the folding centre section becomes an armreat with cupholders for £175.

Panoramic screen satnav is standard, operated by the i Drive controller and works weall once you get used to it (though nothing like as easily as the Garmin system in current Hondas).


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What's the BMW M2 (2016) like to drive?

The point of the M2 is instant acceleration any time, anywhere, a huge top speed, and a ttustworthy rear end that doesn't get overwhelmed by all of its power and torque unless you want it to and switch to Sport Plus.

So  it isn't slow in, quick out. You can enter bends very quickly then power out in Comfort of Sport very smoothly and with no more than a wiggle if you get it slightly wrong.

The DCT gives you two options: manual (D1, D2, etc.) and auto (just the gear numbers on the screen). On top of that you’ve got the M switch that offers Comfort, Sport (which tightens everything up, is noisier and holds the gears longer), and Sport + (which knocks out the cruise control, the ESP and the traction control). 

Much has been written about its ability to doughnut and power slide, but with those Michelin Pilot Super Sport rear tyres listed at £450 (and £216.90 even at MyTyres), that is a Premier Division footballer's or a road tester's sport because it's simply daft.

Over 1,452 miles from Malaga through central Spain and Bordeaux back to the UK our average was 28.62mpg. It didn't vary much. Six fills only differed between 27.98mpg and 30.04mpg. Feathering the pedal at 70 in the UK it was possible to see 40mpg regularly, so you could probably get 35mpg over 300 miles keeping it under 75 on the speedo. Using cruise control gobbled up an extra 3-5mpg.


Engine MPG 0-62 CO2
3.0 28–36 mpg 4.2–4.5 s 199–227 g/km
3.0 DCT 36 mpg 4.3 s 185 g/km

Real MPG average for a BMW M2 (2016)

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Average performance


Real MPG

20–33 mpg

MPGs submitted


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