BMW 2 Series Active Tourer (2014–)

What's good

Excellent blend of comfort and practicality.

Top-drawer build quality and materials.

Optional electric memory driver and passenger seats important to some buyers.

Electric tailgate standard on all 2-Series Active Tourers, also a boon to some buyers.

5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating under 2014 system: 84% adult occupant protection, 85% child occupant protection, 60% pedestrian protection, 70% safety assist.

What to watch out for

Not as spacious as its rivals from Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz.

Ticking options boxes can make it expensive very quickly.

11-2-2016: The split load floor fo the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer has two plastic flaps at the back, behind the rear seats, that are there to keep the floor flat when you slide the seats forwards and back. They are spring-loaded. The floor panel is prone to coming detached, and you need to lift the flaps to clip it back in. However, the flap attachments can shear through and when the flap is lifted flap it can fire a small block of hard, sharp plastic and cause injury.

19-3-2016: DMF and clutch of 2015 BMW Active Tourer failed at 5,500 miles whern car was 9 months old. Cost of parts refunded but owner asked to pay for labour.

26-7-2016: Report of front nearside suspension strut top bearing on 9,000 mile 2015 BMW noisy when turning and has been replaced under warranty.

20-8-2016: Report of collision warning system and emergency braking system failing three times on a 1,350 mile 2 month old 2016 BMW 2-Series Active Tourer. Dealer replaced brake switch but that did not solve the problem. Dealer waiting for further advice from BMW.

17-11-2016: Report that standard model BMW 218 Active Tourer does not come with a dipping rear view mirror. An electrochrome self-dipping rear view mirror is a factory fitted option but cannot be retrofitted by a dealer, and the standard mirror does not even have a manual dipping function.

8-8-2017: Report of rear brake pads of 18 month old (2016) BMW 2 series Active Tourer prematurely worn at first service indicator service at 17,100 miles. £275 to replace.

7-9-2017: Report of transmission warning appearing on 2014 BMW 218i Petrol Active Tourer. " Secure vehicle with parking brake when stationary. Have the problem checked by Service." The brakes and electric parking brake appeared to function normally.

2-6-2018: Report of 2015 BMW Active Tourer (out of warranty since March 2018) showing an intermittent fault over the past year on the dash screen advising: secure vehicle as may run away. However it is secure with parking brake on and also in Auto Park. This is now displayed permanently. BMW dealer says owner must pay for rectification.

6-6-2018: "Creaking noise" reported from steering of 2016 BMW 218d Active Tourer when steering wheel is first gently moved left or right first thing in the morning or after the car has been left parked for a while. Sounds like "two pieces of polystyrene being rubbed together". Goes away as soon as the car is on the move.

29-8-2018: Report of clutch failure on 2015 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 2.0 litre petrol, bought used from BMW dealer and now with 7,500 miles.

12-9-2018: Report that valve based TPMS of BMW Active Tourer can occasionally play up. This came from an owner who had never had any problems with the reluctor ring based TPMS of his previous BMW.

18-10-2018: Report of i-Drive screen failing on 31st August, the last day of BMW 218iES normal warranty and was replaced about three weeks later due to a backlog of failures on various models. Then electromechanical parking brake failed at 18,763 miles (happily under 12 months extended warranty).

11-12-2018: Report of fracture of anti-roll bar of 2014 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

29-12-2018: Report of automatic anti collision braked of October 2018 BMW 218i coming on spuriously, first time at 50 mph and locked all four wheels and stopped dead on main road, luckily no other cars or trucks were close to me and no oncoming traffic either.

5-7-2019: Complaint of BMW service regarding a 2015 2 Series Gran Tourer. When it went in to BMW dealer in 2018 for a faulty wheel sensor, under warranty, they stated it was subject to the EGR Cooler recall, but then only applied a software fix as they stated the valve was OK. In April 2019, the EGR failed and owner was told he would be liable for a £600 bill. As a token of goodwill, they offered to pay 100% of the parts and 20% of the labour (for a part they had recalled). Owner complained to BMW customer service, and about two faulty strut top mounts that had failed after 43k miles (£610) only to be told car is out of warranty and they won’t help any further.

20-7-2019: Report of Connected Drive failing twice in the past 12 months on a 2015 BMW 220d Active Tourer Sport.

15-9-2019: Report of front and rear brake pads needing replacing on 2015 BMW Active Tourer 218i 1.5 Steptronic at 26,000 miles.

21-10-2019: Report of 2015 BMW 220d being recalled to replace EGR cooler in May 2019. Since then has travelled 3700 miles. Now further trouble with EGR valve which needs replacing.

20-11-2019: Report of 2015 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 218i SE needing a new clutch and dual mass flywheel, but, when the engine and transmission were separated, play was found in the driveshaft because problem bearing shells had been fitted when the engine was originally assembled. BMW supplied a new short engine FoC.

30-12-2019: Report of noisy front suspension on 2017/68 BMW Active Tourer.

15-1-2020: Report of 2016 BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 218d requiring a second replacement pair of front brake discs at 22,000 miles.

23-1-2020: Problems reported with KLE PHEV Charge Control system of October 2019 BMW Active Tourer 225xe, confirmed to be the upgraded model with 10kWh battery, 31-36 mile range and 44g/km C02. Dash meter only shows 23-24 mile range with a fully charged battery, rapidly dropping to 18.


24-11-2016: BMW TSB to replace crankshaft bearings on 1.5 litre 3-cylinder engines. 3 day job.

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