Audi A6 Allroad (2012 – 2018) Review

Audi A6 Allroad (2012 – 2018) At A Glance


+Lighter and more economical than before. Available with immense 3.0 BiTDI engine. Superb quality interior. Refined and smooth ride.

-High starting prices.

Insurance Groups are between 31–43
On average it achieves 84% of the official MPG figure

2012 saw the launch of of a new Audi A6 Allroad, now into its third generation 'all-terrain' version of the A6 Avant and an alternative to a full size 4x4. 

It certainly looks the part. To make sure it has a suitably rugged look the A6 allroad has extended side sills, stainless steel underbody guards front and back while the wheel arches, bumpers and sills are painted in black.

It's discreet but if it's still to much you can get the black trim body-coloured as an option. The A6 allroad is simply more than just a jacked up A6 Avant though. It comes with adaptive air suspension so you can actually adjust the ground clearance. Useful for rutted tracks or muddy fields, although this is no serious off roader.

On the road the A6 allroad feels just like a standard A6 with the same good roadholding, impressive body control and nicely weighted steering. The air suspension also means the ride is impecabble with superb insulation from bumps and potholes making it incredibly refined and quiet in the cabin.

Inside the A6 allroad it's identical to the rest of the A6 range so you get a top quality cabin that's spacious, comfortable and has real attention to detail. All models get a good level of standard kit too including a 6.5-inch colour screen than neatly slides out of the dash top.

Audi describes this A6 allroad as the 'most versatile premium four-wheel drive estate car available today' and there's no doubt it ticks lots of boxes. It's a versatile high quality car that offers great performance and can cope with tricky conditions.

True you can go for an A6 Avant with quattro four-wheel drive but the allroad offers more. There's the image too. This is a car that's designed for outdoorsy people who drive to the Alps to go skiing when they aren't busy towing their horsebox to equestrian events (the allroad has a 2500kg braked towing weight by the way). It's all about a high-end 'lifestyle' and this is where the A6 allroad is unrivalled.

Real MPG average for a Audi A6 Allroad (2012 – 2018)


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Average performance


Real MPG

31–48 mpg

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What's the best off-road car that can cope with snow and carry a 45kg dog?
"What would you say are the best cars that can go off-road, drive in snow and carry a large dog in the boot? And are also reliable and under £40k?"
An Audi A6 Allroad might be a good choice. There's a new model on its way, but that means there are some excellent pre-registered deals on the outgoing model. You can pick up an as-new example with delivery miles for less than £36,000. It's got a big boot and access for a big dog will be easier than an SUV. It's also fairly capable off road and a set of winter tyres would make it unstoppable in the snow. Alternatively, consider a Skoda Kodiaq with a ramp to get the dog in the boot.
Answered by Andrew Brady
What are our options for luxury petrol SUVs?
"My wife and I (76 years and 78 years old respectively) have bought new or nearly new demonstrators for the past 20 years, selling them when they reach 8 - 10 years old. As we live in a rather remote area, one of our cars has always been an SUV. Currently we have a 6 year old Audi Q5 and a 9 year old Mercedes-Benz E320 that we plan to replace with a top of the range Mercedes-Benz GLC. That is until the controversy about diesel versus petrol reared its ugly head. If we don't buy diesel, the only up market SUV is a Volvo XC60. Given the controversy and the fact that this may well be our last car, should we buy diesel or petrol? Also, would an Audi Allroad meet our needs? We never go off-road. We need a car that can safely negotiate steep hills and curves on icy or snowy roads. We both place great emphasis on comfort and the ability to cover long distance without fatigue. "
The other problem with RHD GLC is tyre scrub on lock. There is now a new XC60 available with Volvo's own petrol or diesel engines. You can get a Porsche Macan with 2.0 or 3.6 petrol engines. An Audi Q5 with a 2.0 TFSI petrol engine. A Jaguar F-Pace with 3.0 petrol engine. You will be able to get the forthcoming Jaguar E-Pace with 2.0 litre 200PS or 250PS Ingenium petrol engines. The problem with buying used is that the car will come from a period before the demonisation of diesel so less choice of petrols than there will be later this year.
Answered by Honest John
Audi A6 Allroad - which wheel size is best?
"I am about to put in an order for the Audi A6 Allroad. What do you recommend for choice of wheel size? Standard wheels are 18-inch, but 19 and 20s are also available. Also is the bi-turbo diesel (313) worth the extra money over the 245 diesel?"
Do not go bigger than 18-inch. The biturbo gives tremendous power, but you might have to go to 19s for that.
Answered by Honest John
I disagree with your advice regarding the KIA Sorento.
"I strongly disagree with your advice to MB. I recently traded in my Sorento after owning it from new for 12 months. I've got nothing positive to say about it. It drove like a shed and the gearchange on my 1969 Herald more than 30 years ago was smoother. MPG was poor and KIA charged me USD12 per day for a courtesy car when it was with them for warranty work. I wouldn't touch another one with a barge pole. I'm now driving an Audi A6 Allroad, which is a great car. If MB can afford a Mercedes-Benz ML he should go for it."
Up to you. We drove one to Lausanne and back in March and it was excellent, both on the Autoroutes and through the Jura mountains in the snow. It averaged 40mpg at 70 on UK motorways, and 36mpg on French Autoroutes and through the mountains. Made similar vehicles costing twice as much look like a waste of money.
Answered by Honest John

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