Alfa Romeo 4C (2014–2019)

What's good

Impressive performance from 1750 turbocharged engine.

Quick shifting dual-clutch transmission.

Respectable boot for such an uncompromising sports car.

Exotic specification of carbon fibre tub construction.

Good looks and rarity.

Authentic Alfa sports car feel.

What to watch out for

Heinously over-active steering requires constant corrections.

Engine sounds terrible, even if the performance impresses.

Needlessly abrupt, piercing beep if you’re a bit too early on upshift.

Boot lid doesn’t have a gas strut, steering wheel too thick.

A Lotus Elise is cheaper, and far more fun to drive.

Interior lacks quality for something costing £45,000.

7-10-2017: Report of Alfa Romeo 4C "Bought from South London dealer" requiring a complete rebuild of its carbon fibre chassis costing £1,000 at its 12 month service. (The question here is why? Had it been damaged. If not, the rebuild should have been FoC.) Now Alfa dealer is recommending a brake fluid change.

5-3-2018: Report of turbo of Alfa Romeo 4C failing at 14,000 miles at just over 3 years old. Alfa says owner must pay 50% of the cost. Probably from switching off the engine when the turbo was too hot. After track driving, motorway driving or a long ascent you need to idle the engine for a minute or two to keep oil circulating through the turbo bearing. If you don't, the oil in the turbo bearing oil supply and oil return pipes can carbonise, blocking the pipes and cutting off the oil supply to the turbo bearings.

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