BMW M2 (2016 – 2021) Review

BMW M2 (2016 – 2021) At A Glance


+Proper M version of M235i, thoroughly re-worked with 370HP, 500Nm torque, 186mph top speed, 0-60 in 4.2 with M DCT and 29mpg. Safe, handling with prodigious rear end grip in Comfort and Sport modes.

-Tyre roar on UK roads. Limited to 155mph in UK. DCT brake pedal too far to the right.

New prices start from £49,805
Insurance Groups are between 42–47
On average it achieves 74% of the official MPG figure

Blue touchpaper version of already quick M235i.

Instead of 326PS you get 370PS. 0-60 in 4.2 from the M DCT and 4.4 from the manual 6 speed. 0-100 in under 10 seconds and a top speed of 186mph, limited to 155mph for M2s sold outside Germany.

Very competently reworked and more trustworthy than M235i at the back due to huge 265/35 ZR19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport rear tyres on 10-inch wide rims.

M Drive lets you switch from Comfort to Sport, which tightens things up and holds the gears longer, then to Sport Plus that switches off the electronic aids and allows you to burn tyres and drift luridly if you feel so inclined.

Decent satnav controlled by the i Drive comes as standard. Not as easy to use as Honda's latest Garmin system, but still very good.

BMW M2 1,452 Mile Road Trip Malaga to the UK via Siguenza

Real MPG average for a BMW M2 (2016 – 2021)


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Average performance


Real MPG

19–33 mpg

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Can I change runflats for standard tyres?
"My 2017 BMW M240i still has its winter tyres on, but with lockdown easing I ought to get them changed. I'm not sure what summer tyres to choose - however - the winter tyres definitely make the ride a bit more comfortable, which I like. Do I have to stick with runflats or can I get a space-saver?"
You can certainly swap your run-flat tyres for normal ones (and doing so would be a good thing for comfort), but a space-saver spare wheel will eat into luggage space. The best way around this is to buy a tyre-repair kit - they're not ideal, but are better than nothing if you get a puncture. As for tyres, we've no experience of the M240i on different tyre combinations ourselves, but we've heard good things about Michelin Pilot Super Sports.
Answered by Andrew Brady
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