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Most recently answered vehicle recalls questions
Could you explain the difference between a manufacturer recall/fault and an inherent fault? What if the manufacturer recall is due to inherent fault ?
Are their any recalls on a 2010 Toyota Avensis T27 1.8 petrol?
I'm buying a new car. Are there any recalls on Peugeot's PureTech 1.2-litre engines?
Four weeks ago I took my five year old BMW 630D GT to the main dealers after getting a recall. The dealer was unclear about why it was needed, saying something about emissions. Since then I have watched...
Could you advise me where I stand regards recompense? A main dealer has sold me a used car (2016) when it has been discovered (since it has broken down in February this year) that there were two non-safety...
Do you know how long I will have to wait for the recall part for the exhaust gas recirculation cooler repair on my BMW? Apparently the parts are on a 'back-order'. My local dealer cannot help and the main...
My car was recently recalled to the dealer for EGR valve replacement. Ten days later the turbo failed, could there be a connection?
Due to recall of my Fiat Ducato motorhome I visited my local Fiat Professional dealer and they suggested that replacement of EGR pipe the work would take normally 6.5 hours on a Ducato van but with extra...

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