Why has the MPG in my BMW dropped after recall work?

Four weeks ago I took my five year old BMW 630D GT to the main dealers after getting a recall. The dealer was unclear about why it was needed, saying something about emissions. Since then I have watched the fuel consumption steadily drop by 4mpg.. so far. Do you know why this would be the case before I go back to the dealers to see if they can be more clear? I was not informed the recall would lower the mpg, so I am rather annoyed.

Asked on 22 March 2023 by Jeff Stubbs

Answered by David Ross
A recall was issued in August 2022 affecting 280,000 BMWs, for 'undetected EGR system leaks make cause thermal activity in the intake manifold', an issue which has been the subject of a previous recall. The recall work may have included new parts or a software upgrade, and if the dealer has not explained this to you already you have the right to ask them to explain what work has been carried out.

The recall was issued to counter the problem of a potential leak in the EGR cooler causing a fire risk, and it is possible that a change in software or parts has resulted in a change in the way the engine operates, potentially affecting your fuel consumption. However, we would say that a loss of 4mpg is a small price to pay to avoid a potential engine fire.
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