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Is there anywhere to find out how much road tax is for a second hand nearly new car before l buy? This will influence what l can afford and help me with my search.
My Shogun is ULEZ compliant (lower emissions) so why is the road tax £675 pa? Surely it should qualify for lower tax like my friend's Shogun who pays half of what I pay and his car is not ULEZ compliant?
I am about to order a new car with a list price just below £40K so no higher VED to pay. If during the time from ordering the car to it being delivered the list price increases to above the £40K limit...
I have a 2013 BMW M6 and pay over £600 in VED but the 2018 model with same emission is £180? Seems a bit unreasonable.
I had a Lexus SC430 2003 and changed for exactly the same car but a 2008. The tax for the new car is double the price of the the old car. How can the road fund be double for exactly the same car?
I ordered a new car in January 2022. It was delivered in February 2023 and is now in a higher tax bracket. Can I dispute it?
I read with interest your answer about a car which although listed at above £40k, was purchased below the tax premium limit. I have recently purchased a Nissan Qashqai which is listed at over £41,000....
We received a renewal for road tax of £145 for our Suzuki SX4 S-Cross. I have just been to the post office to renew my car tax VED and they have charged me £155. Is this right?
I have a BMW 335d GT first registered in December 2017. The car's original list price was over £40,000, which means I have to pay the higher VED rate. But I am confused about the length of time this higher...
For road tax reasons can you please tell me the list price of the Jaguar XF R Sport in 2018?