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Sadly I lost a key from my 69 plate Suzuki Vitara. I obtained a new one from the dealership which they programmed for me. This 20 minute job cost me £144. This equates to approximately a 2,500% mark up...
I have a Renault espace MK4, the card key opens the doors but won't start the car. I've put a new battery in the key card but it has made no difference.
I am confused over replacing a battery in the fob for a Land Rover Defender 08 plate. Some websites say it will need to be re-synced with the vehicle - some say not. I went to Timpsons and they said...
Can you please tell me if a manual replacement key will be sufficient to start and drive my car in the event of my original key getting lost?
I changed my battery in the key fob as a warning came up to change the battery. Now the car won't unlock, why is that?
How long should a key fob battery last? I have had five new sets of key batteries in 2.5 years. Is this normal?
Why can the driver’s door of my car only be locked/unlocked with the key inserted?
I have lost one of my sets of keys for my Ford Focus Estate and need to have them replaced. What's the best way to do this?
I’m a learner driver with my own car. My dad attached a magnet to my spare key so he put it on the fridge. My car now won't start with the spare key. Is this just coincidence or is it the magnet on the...
I've just bought a Peugeot 207. It only came with one keyfob, which is all falling apart. I can get new keys and fobs but they need programming to the car for the immobiliser. Where is the best place to...

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