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We're a two-car family, but as both of us are retired our Honda Civic Jordan now only does a 1000 miles a year. It's a one owner, garaged, 66,000 miles, FSH, recent rolling road test reveals in great condition,...
Is a Honda Prelude Mk5 worth buying as a classic car?
Will an E31 BMW 850i become a collectable? Is it a good investment to buy now?
I have £2500 to spend on my first future classic car and was wondering if you could help? I'm torn between a number of candidates e.g Toyota MR2 MK3, MG TF160, Mercedes SLK 230 or a Mazda MX-5. It will...
What are your views on a 2001 Honda Insight? I am very keen on them for aesthetics and economy, cheap tax. Are there things I should ask the owner about? Could I attach a tow bar to it? It's up for £4000.
I'm looking for a good quality, two-seater sports car for the weekends that has a large petrol engine. I want it to have some unique qualities, not too ubiquitous on the roads and has the potential of...
Is a Ford Cougar a good investment for £1200? It has 45,000 miles.
I am hoping to buy a Toyota MR2 as a weekend car. What engine size is best, auto or manual? Which is the best year, hard top or soft top? If possible I would like a low mileage car with a good history...
Will my 1999 Porsche Boxster 2.5-litre ever become a classic?
When will my MX-5 become a classic. I've had had it for almost 17 years from new. Is classic insurance cheaper?

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