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I have owned a 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 auto and it has proved reliable. I am disabled and think an estate car would be good as it would give me easier access for my mobility scooter. I have up to £20,000 to...
We’re thinking of changing our 2012 Honda Accord Diesel Tourer for something with as much or more room - we need the space for sailing gear - but with a softer ride, more directional stability on motorways,...
I am currently considering buying a Toyota Yaris Cross Hybrid, new or near-new. Are you aware of any significant reliability issues that might influence my choice?
My daughter has just started as district nurse in the wonderful but very hilly area of the Pennines, West Yorkshire. She needs a reliable automatic, probably with a petrol engine as much of the use is...
I have a Seat Leon FR thats 10 years old. What would be a good, reliable replacement? I specifically do not want my ventilation controls on the touchscreen.
I am looking for recommendations for a car with an automatic gearbox for commuting around town and the occasional long journey. What do you suggest I buy with a budget of £14,000?
What is the best car to buy and hang onto for the next ten years? I’m looking for bombproof reliability and something that will bear wear and tear with grace rather than something I need to keep looking...
Which car manufacturers are best for reliability?
I need a used car for £2,000 or less. Can you please tell me which petrol and diesel models have the best reliability within this type of budget?
Can you recommend a comfortable, reliable and economical car for £5,000 - £7,000? The vehicle must handle long journeys of 600 miles on a regular basis. However, for the majority of the time I'll be doing...

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