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I am considering buying either a Volvo V70 or Ford Mondeo estate. We need a diesel to do two long journeys abroad a year and modest mileage in the UK, possibly to pull a medium-sized horse trailer with...
I am looking to buy an older 4x4 for towing horses. I have owned a number and understand the pitfalls, however cannot seem to find one that is cheapish to run, reliable and can tow 2500kg. Any suggestions?
What is the most reliable and economical way to tow an Ifor Williams horse trailer with one horse?
I have the opportunity to buy a 4,186mm horse trailer with an unladen weight of 742kg and a laden weight of 1,796kg. What vehicle would you suggest to tow this? Auto or manual?
I am looking to purchase a car that could legally tow a double horsebox with one horse, yet still be able to drive to work every day and not spend too much money on fuel. My budget is around £2,000. Any...

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