Is my horsebox, which I tow with my Toyota Hilux, overweight?

I have a Toyota Hilux HL3 07-reg and have been towing my trailer fine. I recently purchased an Equitrek trailer which has an unladen wight of 1400kg and gross of 2600kg. My horses weigh around 1000kg so the trailer is not overloaded when both are in. My Hilux says it has a towing capacity of 2250kg so I would be overweight carrying two horses at once. People keep giving me advice saying it's fine, but is it?

Asked on 31 July 2010 by billysidseager

Answered by Honest John
Yes, officially your trailer would be overweight. In theory you could get stopped. Doesn't seem to happen much, though. My concern would be the safety of the rig.
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