My new CX-3 has a paintwork defect - is this up to the dealer or Mazda to resolve?

I bought a Mazda CX-3 on 3 April 2018. While preparing for its first journey, I noticed a blemish that appeared to be under the top coat of the paintwork. It's a strange mark and is only visible in certain light, but obviously I know it's there. I bought it from a dealer that's 62 miles from where I live. I contacted the dealer and Mazda. I was told that Mazda would need a photo and a report from an authorised paint shop. I took it to the paint shop this morning. It was impossible to take a photo, but the manager was able to see the mark. He said it would be a difficult job and may involve respraying part of the bonnet and the near side door. He's going to send me an estimate to remove the mark and will report to Mazda. He suggested it might cost up to £1000 to sort it out. I can't say I'm very happy and would welcome any advice you could give me before I contact the original dealer and/or Mazda.

Asked on 20 April 2018 by speedwell

Answered by Honest John
In the first instance, contact the supplying dealer and suggest to him that either he funds the repaint to your entire satisfaction or takes the car back and refunds your money. This is legally between you and the supplying dealer, not Mazda, though obviously the supplying dealer will involve Mazda because Mazda supplied the substandard car to him.
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