My classic was damaged inside a rented garage - who is liable?

I rent a garage from a local housing association and I park my classic Saab 900 in there. I recently visited the garage to find that they had replaced the roof without informing and with the car in situ. As you can imagine, there is a fair amount damage been caused to the bodywork. I phoned the housing association and they said that they would get the contractors to contact me. They duly did, but the people that I have dealt with so far are rude and ignorant and, although they initially said that they would sort it, they are not communicating with me. As I rent the garage from the housing association and my contract is with them, is it they who are liable to sort out the damage to my car? I thought about involving my insurance company, but don't want a black mark against me for a possible claim if I end up not claiming.

Asked on 7 April 2018 by Ian Cole

Answered by Honest John
The housing association that you pay your garage rent to is legally liable (not the contractor it employed). Get quotations for the rectification work and demand that the housing association pays with threat of Small Claims action if they don't.
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