I have the reg of a vehicle that damaged my car - what can I do if the police won't help?

In December, while my car was parked on the street, someone hit the front bumper and the paint came off. I reported this matter to the police and two witnesses told me they saw the accident. They gave me the car registration, but it's now been three months and the police say I should contact the insurance. The person who hit my car didn't even have an MoT for his car, but the police don't want to book in the offence and don't want to give me his details. What should I do?

Asked on 19 March 2018 by ebrahim nanavati

Answered by Tim Kelly
Contact MID for his insurance details: www.askmid.com/askmidenquiry.aspx

Then contact his insurer directly and report it. I'm surprised with the police as it's an offence to leave an incident and not exchange details.
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