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My car's start-stop won't work because of a partly discharged battery - would a trickle charger solve the issue?

My 18 month old Mercedes-Benz E-Class won't automatically stop-start anymore due to a partly discharged battery. It's left in my garage for weeks at a time, so it's understandable. I took it for a 120-mile drive, but the battery is still reported as partly discharged. Is there a trickle charger you recommend, and are they safe to leave connected whilst I'm away?

Asked on 29 March 2018 by julesandsand

Answered by Alan Ross
If the car is only 18 months old then I'd go back to the dealership.The most likely problem is the auxiliary battery. See the attached link:

You could use any trickle charger, so it's really is a case of how much you want to spend. If you get a good quality one then it should be okay to leave it connected.
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