What checks do I need to make on a pre-reg car that's been sat around?

I am purchasing a BMW 340i Touring from a main dealer. It was first registered in April 2017 but only has 72 miles on the clock and has been sat round for a while. Is there anything you would recommend maintenance wise on the car? I've checked the tyres for flat spots and it's fine but I didn't know if its worth changing the engine oil yet?

Asked on 21 February 2018 by Mark Greenfield

Answered by Honest John
One thing you need to know is what was the pre-first-year VED invoice price of the car because if it was £40k + you're in for £450pa VED for 4 years. (Under £40k: £140pa.) If it's been outside the brake discs will have rusted so, even though the rust may have cleaned off you need to make sure the discs are not grooved. Wise to have the brake fluid changed because sitting around fills it up with condensation. It's wise to change the engine oil and filter plus it will probably need a new battery (expensive with BMW's stop/start system).
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