Can I use Waze in the USA?

Following your previous advice, I use the Waze app on my iPhone for navigation. It's excellent. I'm going to do a Florida road trip in April and wondered if Waze would be suitable in the US? I'm concerned that I will have to leave mobile data switched on with the resultant high charges.

Asked on 6 February 2018 by Myles Simpson

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Waze works in the US. The biggest issue will, as you say, be the high roaming charges. You can pre-load routes when you're connected to wifi to save some data, but then you won't get the real-time traffic updates obviously. I'd advise sorting out a data plan before you leave, either with your UK mobile provider or by using a US sim card when you're in Florida. Whatever you do, don't just leave your data on because it might run up a massive bill.
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