Are there any sat navs that can route you around the ULEZ?

Are there any sat navs that are able to route you to avoid clean air zones like the ULEZ?

Asked on 14 May 2021 by Patricia Hinkin

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Waze, a free smartphone nav app, offers the capability to offer a route that will avoid the ULEZ. I use it myself so can vouch that it's great. If you have a smartphone, you should be able to buy a phone holder for your car and then you can use it legally so long as you don't touch it while you drive. It's more useful than a lot of aftermarket navs, in my opinion, because you can see real-time data inputted by other road users. The only catch is you need a smartphone and you'll have to use your own data — which can be pricey depending on what data plan you have.
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