Why won't our insurer give us the paperwork for our 30+ years of no claims?

My elderly mother is struggling to get confirmation of her earned No Claims from her broker. They state her policy only has nine years on it and it wouldn’t be possible to dig out the paperwork for the last 10 years she has used this broker for. She hasn’t made a claim in 30 years or more but her renewal is double last years', so she would like to move insurers and keep her earned NCD. Is there anything she can do to get this information in writing? They won’t talk to me due to data protection.

Asked on 29 January 2018 by knowley

Answered by Tim Kelly
Nine years is the maximum no claims, so it does not matter. Her insurer can check her claims history on the underwriting data base CUE. You should not really even need to provide your no claims bonus in theory, as they already have access to it.
Tell her to rearrange her insurance with a different provider. Her broker is bound by law (under the 2015 Insurance Act) to provide her no claims bonus on the renewal letter, along with the premium for last year, and the premium for this year. She then sends this to the new prospective insurer. Should they not, then raise a complaint with them and take it to the Financial Ombudsman Service as well. As for Data protection, get your mother to call them to give you consent for DPA to act as her "appointed representative". They have to deal with you from that point on.
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