I recently had the back tyres on my car replaced - why does my car feel less sure-footed now?

I've always used 205/60 H16 Michelin ESaver tyres on my 2010 Toyota Verso. The front tyres needed replacing and I was persuaded to fit Michelin 205/60R16 Cross Climate + 96H XL. Since then, the car doesn't feel as sure-footed. The alignment of the wheels was checked when the tyres were replaced, which was found to be perfect, and I regularly check the air pressure.

Asked on 23 January 2018 by RichardEditor

Answered by Honest John
It needs Cross Climate on all four wheels, not merely the front pair. They also need to be at the correct pressures, which will be the lowest cold pressures listed for the car. Cross climates are more compliant than energy tyres and that will be what you are feeling, but they grip better, give better steering feel and are quieter in addition to the cold weather benefits.
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