My car will fail it's MoT if I put winter tyres on - what's the alternative?

I've had my Hyundai i30 from new in December 2009. Each winter, I put on my set of steel rims shod with winter tyres with a result that my TPMS amber warning light comes on because it can't find a signal from the sensors in the alloy wheels (that are safe and hibernating in my garage awaiting warmer times ahead. During this time, along comes my MoT on 21 December. Up until now, the testers look and see why and this issue is ignored for the test results. This year however, I was told if a system is present on the car and shows a warning, it will fail the test. It would appear I'm now faced with either getting sensors fitted in my steel rims, buying 'all season' tyres for my existing rims or not having the extra safety during the winter. Is this correct or is there another alternative I can consider?

Asked on 21 December 2017 by Peter Miles

Answered by Honest John
Three answers: The incredible inconvenience of swapping the wheels and tyres over for just for the MoT, then swapping them back. Or get your MoT done while the car is still on its summer tyres and run it year to year that way. You don't have to have the MoT exactly a year after the previous one. Or, if both sets of tyres are fairly worn, swap over to Cross Climates of Vector 4 Seasons on the wheels with the sensors.
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