I've been offered a finance deal that seems to good to be true - is it?

I've received a quote for the lease of a Volkswagen Tiguan SE Nav TDi of £79 per month, with an initial payment of £1527 over 36 months - including a maintenance package. Another car dealer (competing for my business) has told me that this quote is impossible to match and is therefore too good to be true, and that I should proceed with caution. The quote in question is from a Volkswagen dealership and includes a contribution of £718. Who should I believe?

Asked on 19 January 2018 by Rebecca Buckle

Answered by Honest John
If the quotation is in writing then that's the contract and the Volkswagen dealer cannot deviate from it. It does read like a good deal, even though you'll be sacrificing the £1527 deposit and the maintenance contract does not amount to much. Regard it as a hand-back at the end of the term rather than expect any equity in the car in 36 months time.
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