My car just had the engine replaced, should the mileage go back to zero?

I bought a secondhand Peugeot 208 on finance with 33,000 miles on it. It then blew a head gasket after five months of use. As it was under warranty, I argued that the garage should foot the bill and, after much ado and prompting by the finance company, they had no choice but to agree. To cut a long story short, the garage ended up putting a brand new engine in the car. I'm now wondering if the mileage should start from zero given that its a new engine. Also, how does this impact on the sale should I wish to keep it after paying off finance? Should my insurance decrease?

Asked on 12 February 2018 by Miss Hope

Answered by Honest John
Well done. No, the mileage stays the same. But you now have the advantage of a brand new engine in a car with 33,000 miles. That increases its value, not decreases it. The V5C will need to be amended with the new engine number. No 'modification' so no need to disclose the engine change to your insurer.
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